Thursday, July 17, 2014

Green Eagle Tries to Start a Conspiracy Theory

Green Eagle loves conspiracy theories- particularly when he makes them up all by himself. 

So a Malaysian airliner seems to have been shot down over the Ukraine.  Every scrap of talk I have heard so far revolves around suspicion of the Russians or Ukrainians.

You know what?  Remember a few months ago when a Malaysian airliner disappeared altogether?  Well, here's another one gone.  Think that's just a coincidence?  Well, you will have to prove it to me.


Jerry Critter said...

What has Malaysian airlines done to anyone? Perhaps it was done by the networks to generate interest in the news, figuring that no one is really interested in Malaysia anyway?

Jean Valjean said...

I think it's a REALLY hostile takeover attempt...a corporate thing. Someone wants Malaysia, Inc.

Magpie said...

Largest nationality on board were Dutch.

Australians? 28 at last count. About 100 of the 298 people were to fly on from KL to here (Melbourne) to an AIDS conference. They’re researchers, activists… so on.

One extended family from Australia had members on both flights. Maybe someone can make something out of that… completely normal people going about their lives killed on two planes which happen to represent the same national airline which flies all over the world. Other airlines also thought it safe to travel over at that altitude.

The foreign minister here called the Russian ambassador in to seek reassurance they would take the investigation seriously. He automatically denied all involvement and blamed Ukraine. Just blustered his way around it, the fucking arsehole. Most likely his country’s fucking weaponry that did it..

Free-lance Australian journalist on site reported that the area is a mess. They have no fucking clue. Can’t run a disaster site any better than a country. Bodies or bits thereof everywhere, uncovered. Someone with an underpowered hose spraying water around haphazardly.

I suppose there’ll be extensive coverage and bloggers will start complaining “So what? Not as if they were Americans. Surely there is more important stuff to talk about, like something some shmuck said about Pelosi” - like last time. Or maybe not now there's a Russian angle and a SAM to satisfy the enduring cold war fetishes.

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