Thursday, July 18, 2013

Wingnut Wrapup

Well, now that right wingers have had a few days to get the gloating out of their systems over the fact that a white guy got to stalk and murder a black guy, and other white people decided that was cool, I thought it might be time to get back to their normal, everyday hatred.  So, here goes:

Dennis Prager, Town Hall:  "The Election of a Black President Has Meant Nothing...The greatest hope most Americans -- including Republicans -- had when Barack Obama was elected president was that the election of a black person as the country's president would reduce, if not come close to eliminating, the racial tensions that have plagued America for generations."

Because white assholes like Dennis are still hating as much as they can.  So, that's Obama's fault.  He failed to find a magic way to turn Dennis into a decent human being.  And by the way, Dennis, if we want to know what the American people hoped for when they elected Obama twice, we sure as hell aren't going to turn for the answer to a right wing scum who has spent the last five years smearing Obama.

Heather Ginsberg, Town Hall:  "What It's Like to be a Conservative on a Liberal College Campus"

I hope it feels like being a dumbass.  Because that's what you are, Heather.

Debra J. Saunders, Town Hall:  "Vigilantes for Justice:  Oddly, the folks protesting Zimmerman's vigilantism the most loudly are acting like vigilantes themselves. In Oakland, Calif., protesters chanted: "Zimmerman, the people say guilty." NAACP President Benjamin Jealous launched a petition urging the U.S. Department of Justice to file civil rights charges against Zimmerman. First the verdict and then the trial."

I'm keeping away from Zimmerman stuff as far as possible, but it is so interesting to me to see that right wingers can't tell the difference between murder and saying something at a demonstration.

Phyllis Schlafly, Town Hall:  "Common Core Won't Make Kids Smarter"

No it won't, Phyllis.  However, it will see to it that they learn more things that they need to know.  That's a big minus in your world, apparently.  By the way, just for the sake of truth in advertising, I think it would only be fair of you to use a picture of yourself that was taken after World War II.  Phyllis is about 900 years old, and as mean as they come.  Do you think she really looks like this:

Actually, here is what I think is a more recent picture of Phyllis:


Elizabeth Meineke, Town Hall:  "Do You Know What They're Teaching In Your Child's School?"

Yeah.  As far as I can remember, nothing.

Brad Jackson, Red State:  "Why Republicans Are Leaving “Republican” Behind...On today’s edition of Coffee and Markets, Brad Jackson and Ben Domenech are joined by Anne Sorock to discuss a fascinating new study on why Republicans are leaving the GOP label"

Because, much to our amazement, they actually do have some vestigial sense of shame?  ...Nah, that can't be it.  What was I thinking there?

Kathy Shaidle, PJ Media:  "Raining on the Nelson Mandela Parade-You're not supposed to speak ill of the dead, so I figured I'd get a head start"

Communist...Terrorist...Criminal...blah blah blah.  What else would you expect from the same people who brought you "Obama is Satan?"

Wes Vernon, Renew America:  "So, is this the takeover? What do you think?  Inquiries to this column (in person or e-mail) have reflected at least a question in the minds of some Americans as to whether we are in the middle of a Communist take-over.  Let's examine that:

What would you say if you were to learn that legislation backed by Democrats and Republicans – and currently at the top of Capitol Hill's agenda – bears a striking resemblance to a plan carefully crafted by members of the Communist Party USA?"

I'd say that you are just one more right wing liar, Wes, who doesn't have a single fact to support the corporate agenda you are paid to push, so you are just resorting to smears and falsehoods to trick suckers into doing the bidding of the rich.  How about that, for what I would say?

Wes babbles on and on about all of the Communists in Congress, and all the other hooey beloved of teabaggers everywhere.  As you know, I don't often do this, but I am going to link to his post, in case some of you would like to steep yourselves in the sheer madness that is conservative thought today.

Kevin Glass, Town Hall:  "U.S. One of the Least Attractive Tax Climates in the World"

Well, then we'd better get going on climate change.  Wait, No!  Not that!  Help!  Get us out of here!

Walter E. Williams, Town Hall:   What Egyptians Need...What Egyptian citizens must recognize is that political liberty thrives best where there's a large measure of economic liberty."

Yes, that's right!  Just make things better for corporate vultures like the Koch brothers and hedge fund managers, and everything will get better.  Look how well it's worked in the U.S.

Bryan Preston, PJ Media:  "States Enacted ‘Stand Your Ground’ Laws Because Leftists Just Can’t Help But Ruin the World"

That's right- Repoublicans are kissing the asses of big campaign donors from the NRA and passing Koch brothers funded legislation because Democrats did...something.  Anyway, it's all Democrats' fault.  Isn't it always?

World Net Daily:  "Dementia rate drops sharply"

Not among you guys.

Howard Hyde, American Thinker:  "Stop the (Obamacare) World, I Want to Get Off"

Great, Howard.  Move to Somalia, where the government won't do anything for you, just the way you want it.  Howard manages in this post to say one of the stupidest things I have ever heard:

"High-productivity workers in advanced countries are not threatened by low-wage workers in less-advanced ones..."

Oh no, I never heard of a good job here going away because of low-wage workers in other countries.  How could any fool believe that such a thing ever happened?  And why is this true?

"...because it is productivity that counts, not the hourly wage."

Just work ten times as hard, workers, and you can keep your jobs!  Not at the same pay, of course, but at least you won't have to starve in the streets!  Aren't your corporate overlords wonderful to take care of you in this way?

Barbara Kralis, Renew America:  "Catholic Church defends 'Stand-Your-Ground' laws"

I think the Church thought this was a law requiring children to stand still while priests raped them.

Joseph Farah, World Net Daily:  "Holder, Obama: Sharpton-style race-baiting criminals...I don’t know how to say this more delicately."

I'm sure you don't, Joseph, since, as you have proven for years, you are apparently not capable of getting a true sentence out of your mouth.


Lynching: apparently another term for putting someone on the Supreme Court.


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