Sunday, July 28, 2013

Fat Chance

From Daily Kos, on the upcoming Republican budget tantrums:

"President Obama must tell Speaker Boehner that he will not get he wants. Period.  Obama won the election, and the American people are with him. If Boehner wants to shut down the government, then he must shut down the government. I believe that in such a scenario, given the polling and the president's history of being reasonable and willing to compromise, the American people will put the blame squarely on Boehner and the House Republicans...

 But none of this can happen unless Barack Obama does his part. He is the key. If he stands firm, as did Bill Clinton when Newt Gingrich tried to blackmail the country not that long ago, then the priorities and morals of the American people have got a chance."

But he won't.

Instead, he will do what he always does- cook up some slimy deal where the Republicans get another big chunk of the corporate legislation they want, in return for a few more months of not destroying the economy. 

How can any rational person, after seeing this behavior for five years, think that things are going to be any different this time around?


Magpie said...

“If Boehner wants to shut down the government... the American people will put the blame squarely on Boehner and the House Republicans...”

Maybe I’m just jaded and cynical but I get really sick of this self-injuring Pollyanna thinking.

It sounds a lot like ‘Let everything go to shit so the country just stops ... and somehow in the ensuing debacle all those people who haven’t worked out by now that Boehner and co. are malign destructive elements will suddenly have THE EPIPHANY that they’ve never had up to now ... and see them for what they are ... and somehow that will help ...'


And you’re right, Obama will just cut them another half of the farm to do a deal, and then months from now another half of the half remaining ... till eventually you’ve got standing room for half a cow and then the Republicans will bitch like hell that they didn’t get that as well.

Paul Avery said...

On domestic issues Obama far to the right of Richard Nixon. There is really no evidence to the contrary. He'll continue "compromising" with the Republican for the simple reason that he is a Republican.

Anonymous said...

far to the right of Nixon? Obama passed the biggest piece of legislation without one republican vote. And without the consent of millions of American citizens. Good thing we have a republican house to pull back on those reigns.

Anonymous said...

So glad the president made a speech to cool racial tensions

Green Eagle said...

Civil rights legislation was passed without the "consent" of millions of Americans too- pretty much the same ones who won't "consent" to having health care. And at least in that case, the lack of consent was not manufactured by a billion dollar corporate campaign to spread lies about what the law involved.

In a democracy, Anonymous, (since you don't seem to know this) not every single person has to consent to something for it to become the law.

Green Eagle said...

I've removed another comment by Anonymous which was A) irrelevant to my post, and B) a lie.

So boring.

Anonymous said...

so you are opposed to debate when you lose the argument I see.
GE doesn't like to be challenged with facts which is why my comment as deleted.
Civil rights vote had nothing to do with the Health care bill either but you left that up there. Just another big liberal gov't overreaching policy.
I guess I could understand not wanting to admit it was the democrats who opposed civil rights but went ahead and made like it was their policy because LBJ sigend off on it, and made people dependent on them for votes for the last 50 years instead of creating free thinkers .

Green Eagle said...

As usual, Anonymous is just lying, and what's more, he is telling the Conservative lie of the week. This malicious notion has been sprouting all over the right wing world lately, and here he is repeating it on this blog. Here are links to two articles, the first telling the actual story of these events, and the second dealing with the Conservative attempts to rewrite the history of the civil rights struggle, if you care to convince yourself once again that Anonymous is nothing more than a wingnut liar:

joseph said...

Mr. Eagle,

I find that conservatives not only tend not to have any new ideas, they seem to have a large echo chamber and repeat each other, but their debate technique seems to be to scream and filibuster. They just never seem to address real issues, say wealth inequality or what they do for the uninsured if they repeal Obamacare.