Monday, July 8, 2013

Hiyo Silver and Away!

I remember when friends of mine were starting to work on The Lone Ranger.  I heard of the predicted $200 million price, and I couldn't believe that anyone was actually proposing to spend that kind of money on a cowboy movie.  In my experience this sort of idiotic overspending is almost inevitably accompanied by a total lack of concern with the only thing that really counts in a movie- the story.

Well, here we are.  I, for one, am very glad indeed to see this bloated specimen of poor management crash and burn.  I wish it would lead to more rational thinking at the top,  but this is America, after all.  So, I guess I'm just venting.  Idiots will continue to get millions for running companies into the ground, while the rest of us suffer.  At least in this case the suffering is limited to two and a half hours of boredom.


Magpie said...

To me the film Top Gun is a representation of the whole Reagan era.

The film is one of the worst ever made. An absolute turd. Yet people talk about it like it was a masterpiece of its era.
It sells the Republican philosophy: look tough, winners take all, losers can get fucked, arrogant pig-ignorant 100% self-absorbed frat brat as hero.
Who is the enemy? The film never says…. It’s just a wink-wink-you-know-who-it-is. Doesn’t matter.

I hope you don’t now tell me that you worked on it….

All I want to know about The Lone Ranger is how good the train in it is.
Nice choo choo?

Anonymous said...

yeah let's put government in cotrol of everyhting then because they never waste money or run out of it.

Green Eagle said...

No, I didn't work on it. I've pretty much kept away from action-adventure films the last decade or so. I had enough of them in my earlier years in the business, and they are always overwrought, self-important projects that just get on my nerves.