Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Why We Can't Have Nice Things

Because of this:

Not because this sort of thing is happening in Egypt.  It's because it isn't happening here in the United States.  And because on the rare occasions when it does happen, the American Press, which is obsessed now with the protests in Egypt totally ignores it when it happens in our country.

Meanwhile, this is what has happened to the vast majority of the American people:

Look at column 7.  Currently, the middle class in this country possesses 0.6% of our country's wealth.  This compares to, for example, to 33.4% in Australia, 40.6% in Denmark or 49.4% in the Czech Republic.  We are down on the level of India and China.

Our wonderful country, which not too long ago had the richest, most thriving middle class in the world, now is ranked 27th, and is still on the way down.  And yet, I'd bet that not one American in a hundred, and not one American in a thousand in the red States, believes anything but that we are the richest country on earth.

The United States is today little more than a corpse.  And most Americans seem perfectly happy with their condition- a guarantee that things will only get worse in the future.

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