Sunday, July 21, 2013

By All Accounts...

Just noticed this in last week's New York Times Magazine (print edition, so sorry, no link:)

"Since 1994, violent crime in the United States has fallen by more than 40 percent.  By all accounts, police departments today are more professional, less corrupt and more effective than they were 30 years ago.  Yet, for variety of reasons, minority perceptions of the police have not improved."

So, to sum things up briefly, "by all accounts" does not seem to include "minority perceptions."  "All accounts," to the New York Times, apparently only include the same establishment idiots who have compiled a decades-long record of being wrong about everything.  Minorities are not entitled to have "accounts."  That is for their betters.

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Jerry Critter said...

Perhaps "minority" perceptions have not improved because police treatment of 'minorities" has not improved.