Saturday, July 20, 2013

Depressing Chart of the Day

The truth hurts.  Here's a chart I cribbed from Brad de Long which could make you feel rotten all day:

There is not one reason that this should be true, except for the greed of the rich, and corrupt politicians, very largely Republicans, who fight to give the rich anything they want.  Sorry, "patriots," we really do live in a terrible country- the worst industrial "democracy" on earth.  And the stupidity and greed that makes you blab on about "the greatest country on earth" keeps us this way.  All of us- you (who deserve it) and your victims in the rest of America (who don't but are getting it anyway.)

The truth, in the end, is so simple.  The only reason so many don't see it is that they are blinded by hatred and avarice, and they will themselves to ignore reality.


joseph said...

Dear Mr. Eagle,

I just finished that book about Huey Long and Father Coughlin. While one problem with the populist movement of the 1930s was those who led it, thinking that they were more important than the ideas behind the movement, the other problem is that Americans seem to be afraid of the concept of radical change, even when that change is necessary. Right now, the real radicals are the Republicans, who don't want to conserve the currents state of affairs, which was a radical change engineered by Reagan's handlers, but actually want to go back to 1889.

Magpie said...

My source ( ...US based) says the US ranks 53rd in the world for life expectancy on 2013 estimates. Bosnia ranks higher.

Very generally speaking… there should be no great difference between the United States and similar societies such as Canada, Australia or the UK, which do not have, say, Japan’s advantages of genetic predisposition and diet, or Monaco’s highly atypical wealth per head of the population.

Canada, Australia and the UK are 13th, 9th and 30th respectively. Need I add that ALL three of these have some form of public health care.

Hated-by-the-American Right-in-everything France is 14th. ‘Socialist’ Sweden is 16th. Even Greece with all its troubles is 31st.

Libya is certainly worse than the US though at number 63… I’m sure Republicans are buoyed by that.
At least you still live longer than someone in Libya.

Jerry Critter said...

We see what profit-driven healthcare is all about. Let the sick and old die off. It is good for the bottom line.

Anonymous said...

let's blame the Republicans for ignorant people who smoke,drink,eat like crap and don't exercise and then when they are in such bad shape they want someone to "fix" them" .
simply comparing the life expectancy of countries with different racial makeup and different obesity rates is not an effective way of determining which healthcare system is superior.

Jerry Critter said...

An what metric would you use, Anon? The cost of healthcare? The US is certainly number one in that category.

Green Eagle said...

Aah, I see, Anonymous. Finally I understand. The miserable state of our health care system in this country is not due to Republicans allowing greedy capitalists to turn the health care system from a public amenity into a profit center. No, it's all the fault of those nasty black and Hispanic people and the horrible foods they eat. Thanks for explaining this to us in your inimitable style.