Monday, March 11, 2013

Wingnut Wrapup

Today's edition of Wingnut Wrapup is respectfully dedicated to Jim (Dim Bulb) Hoft, who has probably been cited here for idiocy above and beyond the call of duty, more than any other person in history.  In fact, he has two mentions in this post. Some of Hoft's latest (of course never corrected) lies are that the Homeland Security department has purchased 2700 tanks to use against American citizens, and that Bo the White House dog has his own motorcade.  Why the special citation for Jim today?  Because Jim is at the Conservative Political Action Committee's annual meeting, about to receive their "Accuracy in Media" award.  Nothing on earth could possibly demonstrate better the utter disregard for truth and, in fact, common human decency, that is such a characteristic of right wing thought.

Well, let's start with this item from

Yes, the dedicated reporters at found a piece at a satire website, and reported it as a totally serious story.  Talk about wishful thinking.  The post has since been removed from their website, but without a shred of apology.  Well, if they apologized for everything they got wrong, they'd never have time to do anything else.

So, on with the rest:

Doug Giles, Town Hall:  "Christian Parents Should Have Their Kids Play with Toy Guns...As a Christian I have a real problem with Pastor Francis vilifying the very tool that helped cudgel off tyrannical oppressors and afforded him the highly prized (and perishable) religious liberty he now enjoys on American soil."

What, toy guns?  Who knew that toy guns helped cudgel off tyrannical oppressors?  Listen, Doug, here's an idea:  Christian parents should have their kids practice lying every day, so they can grow up just like you.

And here's a Jim Hoft twofer, on the recent Romney family interview on Fox:

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "Ann Romney: Mitt Was Not Given a Fair Shake"

Well, send him over here and we'll shake him a little harder. 

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "Mitt Romney on Sequester: Hardest Thing About Losing Is Watching Obama Squander “Golden Moment” With “Politics”

Well, he squandered Mitt's golden moment, anyway.  And, by the way, how dare Obama pollute a Presidential election with politics!

Ann Coulter, Town Hall:  "Instead of wasting time and energy in doomed efforts to defeat President Obama's Cabinet nominees or sucking up to illegal aliens, why not focus on issues where Republicans can be off-the-charts popular while forcing Democrats into taking stupid positions?"

And what would those positions be, huh?  That, I'm afraid, Ann couldn't say.  She did, however, offer this insightful bit of analysis:

"Liberals can't help themselves -- they're like Dr. Strangelove with the Nazi salute."

I feel sort of sorry for Ann.  She built her career out of being more crazy  than anyone, and then the rest of the Republican party caught up with her and passed her by, sort of like the tortoise and the hare.  Now she's just one more hatemonger in the crowd.

Victor Davis Hanson, Town Hall:  "California now works on the principle of the mordida, or "bite." Its government assumes that it can take something extra from residents for the privilege of living in their special state."

Yup, that's about it, Victor.  We pay a little extra not to live in Mississippi or Alabama.  Think about it some time- maybe it will start making sense to you.  But please, don't come here to check it out.  We've already got enough assholes.

Michael Reagan, Town Hall:  "Take President Obama and his Cabinet of Liars, please. We all know what dirty tricks they played to try and stop the sequester's automatic budget cuts from happening."

Dirty tricks.  Dirty tricks to try to keep the government functioning.  The bastards!

And now, the Republican big lie of the day:

Daniel J. Mitchell, Town Hall:  "Why Did America’s Economy Boom When Reagan and Clinton Reduced the Burden of Spending?  Government spending grew much slower under Reagan and Clinton than it has during the Bush-Obama years"

Yeah, right.  Here's the real information:

 You can see why Daniel combined Reagan and Clinton, and then combined Bush and Obama.  As anyone who lives in the real world knows, it's Republicans who are the squandering wastrels, and Democrats who always have to clean up the mess.

And now, a little paranoid delusion to spice up your day:

Erik Rush, World Net Daily:  "Very soon, we are likely to hear of an individual who, upon being contacted by law enforcement, winds up in a firefight with them over their enforcement of newly implemented gun-control measures. Law-enforcement officers may be wounded or killed, as might our citizen. If arrested, he or she will be a political prisoner."

No he or she won't.  He or she will be a cop killer- something that is held in high esteem these days by our Constitution loving right wing American patriots.  Erik continues his reasoned analysis:

"This will be the final nail in the coffin for legal firearms ownership in America, as the government and the press will capitalize upon this event (and perhaps similar others) to prove once and for all that all gun owners are potential psycho cop killers."

Funny that didn't happen after Ruby Ridge or when the Branch Dividians killed their children in Waco and the wingnuts blamed it on the government, or after all of the other cops shot at by right wing wackos over the years.  And by the way, not all gun owners are "potential psycho cop killers," just most of the Republican ones.

Dick Morris, Newsmax:  "New Poll Data Shows Republicans Can Win Latino Vote"

Dick Morris.  Green Eagle can now confidently predict that Republicans are not going to get a single Latino vote in 2014.

Doug Giles, Town Hall:  "Last week on Hannity a “Democratic Strategist” named Zerlina Maxwell told Sean and his audience that guns are not the proper deterrent to dissuade rapists, but rather “teaching men not to rape is the key”. When I heard that chunk of stupidity I blew apple juice out of my nostrils -- and I haven’t had any apple juice in the last eight years."

Well, Doug, teaching you not to rape is apparently not humanly possible.  If they're around you, I recommend that girls pack guns.

And now, children, for our bible lesson of the day:

Jay W. Richards, Town Hall:  "Revelation, the last book of the Bible, contains a series of apocalyptic visions that have perplexed readers for two thousand years. In chapter thirteen, John describes a beast, which is given enormous power and authority by a dragon, that is, Satan. The beast’s authority extends over every tribe and people and language and nation. It wages war on believers, and is worshipped by “all the inhabitants of the earth,” except those whose names are written in the Lamb’s book of life... However you interpret Revelation and the End Times, it’s undeniable that the Bible ends with a horrific portrayal of a state dominating vast multitudes of people.

This speaks directly to government debt, since deficit spending is a symptom of government doing more than it can or should."

It speaks directly to government debt.  At least it does to those who are off their meds.

                                         More of what awaits us if the deficit isn't reduced, in Jay's view.

Kurt Schlichter, Town Hall:  "Is Obama Down For the Count?  We always knew that Obama has a glass jaw, that he can’t take a punch. But it’s a little surprising that he’s started staggering around the ring so soon after November."

Huh?  What planet do you live on anyway, Kurt? If Obama is staggering it's because he has to carry the whole weight of government by himself, while you Republicans are busy fighting with each other over who can get the most money out of the Koch brothers and Sheldon Adelson.  Well, go on living in your world of delusion- it's all that keeps Green Eagle in business.


Unknown said...

After reading "Wingnut Wrapup" a few weeks ago I was interested in seeing just what Townhall, Daily Caller, and Gateway Pundit blogs were really like.
It was a jaw dropping, eye opening, amazing experiment. You just barely scratch the surface on the insanity, bile and racism those sites show in their articles, but, man oh man, the comments are unbelievable. Those people are truly, deeply out of touch with reality. So very much of their garbage can be disproved with a simple Google search.
I have left a few rebuttals that of course did little to dent the wingnut's certainty. "A wise man doubts what he knows while a fool is convinced he is right."

johninoregon said...

You've got that right, "Unknown." What I find especially telling is the utter lack of movement self-awareness among the people who comment. For example, they'll go on about those pesky liberals and their supposedly characteristic "hatred," apparently never noticing that very quality in their own posts or those above or below them.

Green Eagle said...

I've said a couple of times that the reason that I make Wingnut Wrapup so long is that I think it is important to understand not just the nature but the magnitude of the hatred and lies that pour out of the right on a daily basis. Believe me, I have a list of dozens of wingnut websites that are just like my favorites, and there are hundreds more that I don't look at, including some like Atlas Shrugs that are just too disgusting, but after a while it gets so repetitive, with the same nauseating smears being repeated over and over again, in almost identical words.

Unknown said...

Sorry about the "unknown". I'm having a time getting my id to sign my comments.
I certainly hope Green Parrot continues with the wonderful work. The "Wrapup" is one of my highlights. I just joined Facebook (at my son's insistence)and have re-connected with a few good friends who share our philosophy and quite a few old acquaintances who fit into the misguided "Wingnut" catagory.
Even though I know I cannot change anyone's beliefs, it is great therapy to tweak them a little.

jspopin said...

Let me try this...

Grung_e_Gene said...

To Unknown;

When you're Inside the Right-Wing Fart Bubble Rational People can't hear you Scream...

Mighty Green Bird,

I'm going to reference this wrap on my latest post.

Green Eagle said...

Thanks, Gene.