Thursday, March 21, 2013

Graph of the Day

From Daily Kos, statistics on initial unemployment claims from the Bureau of Labor Statistics:
Of interest to anyone who wonders if Republican claims that the stimulus accomplished nothing are true.

What can be seen in this one simple chart is that Republican management of the economy produces disaster, while Democratic management eventually repairs the damage.  Of course, we are bombarded constantly by the Very Wise People in government and the media, with an account of reality that is the exact opposite of these facts.  Of course, these are the same Very Wise People who assured us that the Iraq war would be a cakewalk, and that everyone in Iraq would love us when it was over.  This is part of the grotesque sickness of American culture today- you can't be recognized as a reliable spokesman until you have been disastrously wrong about things for years.  That shows that you have no sense of honor or self respect, making you a perfect spokesman for people who want nothing but lies told about everything. 

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Jerry Critter said...

Republicans never let facts get in their way.