Sunday, March 3, 2013

They're Hopeless

Kathleen Parker on Meet the Press today, explaining Republican behavior:

"DAVID GREGORY: What's striking to me is that these issues are still so hard and that the elections didn't seem to solve them completely enough. […] Is that true? I mean, why didn't it?

PARKER: Why didn't it? Because, look, the Republicans cannot give on taxes. They simply can't. It would damage their brand permanently and the President is unwilling... he is insisting on raising revenue through taxes. There's no way for them to have a meeting of the minds when those differences exist and that's not going to change."

The Democrats have been struggling for four years to right the economy that the Bush administration destroyed.  The Republicans are worried about "damaging their brand."

And even that pathetic, self-serving rationale is not by any stretch of the imagination the truth.  What they are really up to is destroying the country if the alternative involves costing the rich a penny.  Kathleen Parker is willing to present her ugly, stupid, venal rationale to the American people, because as disgusting as it is, it doesn't compare in its hatefulness to the real truth.

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