Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Maureen Dowd Treats Cheney with the Contempt he Deserves

I've always had mixed feelings about Maureen Dowd.  Sometimes her sarcasm is put to such good use, and sometimes she just seems like a nasty whiner having a bad day.  Well, with her column today about Dick Cheney, she hit one out of the park.  I want to give you a couple of quotes, but believe me, if there is a must read, this is it:

"Cheney, who came from a family of Wyoming Democrats, says his conservative bent was strengthened watching the anti-Vietnam war protests at the University of Wisconsin, where he was pursuing a doctorate and dodging the draft."

 Because let's be clear, like all right wing warmongers, he was nothing but a coward when it came to his own personal safety.

"Did he change, after the shock to his body of so many heart procedures and the shock to his mind of 9/11? Or was he the same person, patiently playing the courtier, once code-named “Backseat” by the Secret Service, until he found the perfect oblivious frontman who would allow him to unleash his harebrained, dictatorial impulses?"

Because that's what he was- a would be dicatator, who shared more in common with Heinrich Himmler than anyone I can think of in our country's history.

“I don’t lie awake at night thinking, gee, what are they going to say about me?” he sums up.

They’re going to say you were a misguided powermonger who, in a paranoid spasm, led this nation into an unthinkable calamity. Sleep on that."

 Dick Cheney- the face of true evil

It is so rare to see anything in the mainstream media that lays out the truth about the Conservatives that wield so much power in our country.  Even Paul Krugman rarely dares say anything this blunt.  We owe Maureen Dowd a debt for (even in her exalted position) risking her career to speak what we all need to hear.  Now, let's send this international war criminal to prison for the rest of his life, because that's where he belongs.

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