Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Gun Legislation- The Inevitable Becomes Obvious

A quote from Daily Kos today about gun legislation shows that even most of the good commenters on the left still suffer from a serious inability to accept reality:

"Universal background check could be as dead as assault weapons ban...Three months ago, it seemed unthinkable to all but a few observers that the only new gun legislation that would emerge from the Newtown slaughter would be lukewarm addendums to what is already being done. Unthinkable that the most sensible legislation imaginable, running background checks on everybody seeking to buy a gun, might not be able to find a majority in the U.S. Senate."

It seemed unthinkable...not to Green Eagle.  I predicted here shortly after the Newtown massacre that, despite this legislation being favored by 90% of Americans, the Republicans would see that nothing could make its way through Congress.

Republicans have mastered the art of preventing anything being enacted that does not serve the interests of their corporate masters, and they are long past the point when they even pretended to think otherwise.

It is fundamental to the functioning of a democracy that all those involved in running it have some commitment to the success of the state.  We do not have this any more.  I do not believe the founding fathers that Conservatives like to talk so much about, could have even imagined that the country would reach a point where a large part of those running things would abandon any commitment to the survival of the United States, when it stood in the way of immediate enrichment of a minuscule number of corrupt, rich parasites.  But, that is what we have come to.  And in response, Democrats are so weak that they cannot even bring themselves to reform Senate filibuster rules dating from the 1970's, which have totally destroyed the notion of majority rule if the minority is willing to play a dirty enough game.

The Republican party is deliberatedly destroying the United States, in order to replace it with a dictatorial oligarchy.  They have not a shred of interest in the voters or anyone else but the Koch Brothers, Sheldon Adelson and a few hundred more vultures, who have been so enriched by Republican policies that they alone have more power in this country than all the rest of us put together.  When you finally come to accept this, everything makes sense.  It is easy to understand why the most simple, minor government actions, like universal background checks to purchase a gun, become impossible when they cost the super-rich anything.  It is easy to understand how Wall Street thieves destroyed the economy to enrich themselves, without the government holding them accountable in any way.  It is easy to understand how the former President and Vice President could launch a criminal, but very profitable, war of aggression with hardly a person with any real visibility demanding that they be held accountable for their abominable behavior.  It is easy to understand why we have to pay when banks lose money, but we get nothing when they make money.

The test of a theory is its ability to predict future events.  I've found that this belief in the essential treasonous nature of the Republican party predicts virtually everything it does.  This evil organization must be destroyed if the nation is to survive.  That is the simple truth, which anyone can see if they want to.  Unfortunately, our leaders- Obama, Harry Reid, Eric Holder- just avert their eyes and go on living in a world which is as big a fantasy as that inhabited by the birthers and the global warming deniers- a world where the Republicans are always a day away from acting totally responsibly.  And they are all working together to bring the experiment of Jefferson, Madison, Hamilton, Franklin, to an end as soon as possible.

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The answer to all your questions is money.

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