Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Difference

Here's a difference between liberals and conservatives:  Even when conservatives get what they want, they spend the next few years screaming about how they were screwed.  When liberals don't get what they want, they just tell themselves that it all worked out great for them, and forget all about it.

Obama- the perfect liberal President. 

Not very many people will remember this.  It still is too true.


Magpie said...

Liberals are often fickle, disorganised, relaxed people used to a life of relative prosperity and things somehow working out for them, and therefore fairly disposed to a vague sort of optimism regardless of what happens.

In a lot of countries they call liberals….simply… “the public”.
I often get very annoyed with the public in my country.

I scope your bitterness. It’s very entertaining and completely justified. And I empathise. I’m not sure however that much comes of ragging on the people who AREN’T bigots, fundamentalists and lunatics.

Green Eagle said...

I take your point, Magpie. I have said before that if you want to know the real difference between liberals and conservatives, you need only look in the bible, where the guy asks God, "am I my brother's keeper?" If you answer yes, you are a liberal and if you answer no, you are a conservative. Obviously, one is preferable to the other. All I am complaining about here is liberals' refusing to accept the fact that conservatives, at least in this country, are not capable of being honest negotiating partners, and that, as long as liberals cling to their delusions about that, they are going to get mugged every time.