Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Guns on Campus, Yeah!

Just in time to give Conservatives a huge boost in the ongoing gun debate, we hear today this story (from Texas- where else?) that indisputably demonstrates that more guns on campus actually make our students so much safer:

"A fight at a Houston college campus today resulted in a shooting that left three people injured and two others in custody, officials said. Three people were injured in the gunfire, which police say stemmed from a fight that broke out between two men on campus...The shooting took place in the center courtyard of the campus between two buildings..."

This dramatic incident proves beyond a shadow of a doubt how much safer all students are when people are allowed to carry guns on campus and, uh...wait a minute...uh...uh...just forget it.  This shooting has absolutely nothing to tell us about guns and is totally meaningless.

...And can I repeat:  It happened in Texas. 


Grung_e_Gene said...

If only everyone involved had a gun it would have ended differently!!!

Green Eagle said...

Maybe we can just combine colleges and gun shows. That would be real America in action.