Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Right Wing Thinking Enters the Twilight Zone

I know it's not all that fair to ridicule comments on posts at wingnut blogs, but this one I just couldn't resist:

Obama's involvement with 9-11!  Yes, you read that right!  Obama did absolutely nothing to prevent 9-11, and he is personally responsible for us having to "retaliate" against Iraq, which had nothing to do with 9-11.  It was all Obama's doing!  And it was just like Benghazi all over again, even though it happened a decade before Benghazi!

Man, what can you say about this kind of lie?  Do Big Bad Bob and Erik really believe that Obama is responsible for 9-11?  Do they think their fellow wingnuts are so abysmally ignorant and filled with evil that they will believe anything about Obama, no matter how sick and patently false?  Do they care, as long as they can have this pathetic public platform to vent their hatred?  Do we even want to know the answer to what lies in their minds?

It's things like this that have convinced me that there is no answer to these people that doesn't involve just letting them get old and die.  After all, the average age of Fox News watchers is over 65, so they don't have that long left.  Hopefully, the next couple of generations won't find a new Ronald Reagan to teach them that greed and hatred are wonderful things, so this country can get back on some kind of decent path. 

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