Monday, January 14, 2013


There are three hundred million guns in the United States.  This situation exists for one reason only- the craven capitulation of our leaders to the NRA and its endless, well financed campaign of bullying.  If political leaders had stood up to this disgusting group and its big-money backers in the sixties or seventies, much of this problem would not exist today.

Stripped of the bullshit surrounding this problem, here's the simple truth:  The endless gun violence that plagues our country will never be brought under control until a large percentage of these guns are removed from society.  Obviously, the gun owners we need to worry about are not going to voluntarily relinquish their weapons, whether they are political lunatics or just garden variety criminals.

The only hope we have of dealing with this is for the government to start a serious, widespread program of forcible gun confiscation, which will have to last decades in order to repair the damage done by fifty years of capitulation to the will of gun manufacturers.  No matter how unpopular this idea is in certain circles, it is the only answer.  Gun nuts have brought this fate upon themselves by their endless abuse of second amendment rights, and if we are going to see an end to this problem, their guns need to be pried from their hands, cold and dead or otherwise.  The right of the rest of us to live in safety is more important than their endless delusions about the meaning of the right to bear arms.

Is this ignorant, brain dead maniac's right to lie about the second amendment really more important than your right to live?


Magpie said...

This is what a friend of mine in the US wrote to me about a relative (names taken out for privacy, and I’ll have to hope he doesn’t mind me putting this here):

“…. the one who's a certified nutbag, is a gun freak…. He's been diagnosed by a psychiatrist as manic depressive and severely bipolar. Mind you, this is a licensed, practicing psychiatrist HIRED BY THE STATE to conduct an evaluation on him so he could receive some state benefits. The guy is completely unable to care for himself and he has violent outbreaks frequently; he's been on his own since their mother died (he's the one who the mom has supported all his life). He's been living in the mom's home by himself for over two years now and when we enter the house, it's obvious he's never cleaned it once; there's trash in some areas knee deep with stuff like pizza where he throws the box and the uneaten pizza on the floor, half-eaten hamburgers, etc. The house reeks and is infested with rodents and insects…. His tantrums are extreme and often goes months without bathing, shaving or even combing his hair.

Imagine that walking into a gun store…. this guy can walk into a gun store and buy a semi-automatic assault weapon anytime he wishes AND he has a damned concealed weapons permit issued by the same goddamned state who has declared him a mental case.

… he purchased 7 or 8 high-powered weapons ranging from a handgun called a Smith and Wesson 500 revolver to a semi-automatic 12 gauge shotgun and several high-powered assault rifles. The S&W 500 is an insane weapon man! It fires a 50 calibre projectile; the cylinder that holds the cartridges, which in normal revolvers holds 6 rounds, will only hold 5 because the cartridges are so large.”

...And now (drumroll....) the word from my friend’s local (Republican) Member of Congress, sent to my friend in a letter in response to my friend’s concerns about lack of gun regulation:

“Our country has important laws and systems in place to protect the public, and despite this tragedy, they have been largely effective.”

joseph said...

We don't have to confiscate all the guns, just all the bullets.

Grung_e_Gene said...

The widespread proliferation of guns is the root of the problem. A 1:1 ratio for every man, woman and child in this country is outrageous and driven by the profit-motive of Firearm makers.

We must make the Gun Manufacturers liable for the death and mayhem their products are causing so that they stop profiting off of death.