Sunday, August 12, 2012

What if They Had a Party

And nobody came?  Here's something I find rather interesting:

It's an image from Yahoo of the top ten stories that people are looking at today.  Notice something, or should I say someone, missing from the list?  Newt and Hillary and Gramps McCain are on there, but not Paul Ryan. 

You know, the choosing of a vice presidential candidate is one of the biggest political stories of the entire campaign.  The selection of Sarah Palin, as insane as it was, electrified people.  Not this guy.  The main feeling I get from watching the news the last two days, is that virtually no one cares.  Will he give Romney a bump in the polls?  Yeah maybe a couple of points for a couple of days, then it will be back to "where are your taxes?"  Mitt has squandered his vice presidential pick, just like he squandered his trip overseas, his supposed business advantage and everything else.  The right wingers will never really like him and, frankly, never will anyone else. 

I'll tell you what I think- and I must admit that I have no proof of this; it's just a feeling I have.  I think Romney was doing so badly that there were Republican insiders that were looking for a way to dump him.  Romney rushed into this VP announcement to eat up news cycles before the convention, and to make it essentially impossible for anyone to dethrone him.  They're stuck with Mitt now, and Mitt is stuck with a guy standing right behind him ready to shove a knife in his back if he deviates an inch from the wingnut party line.

Good luck with that, guy.

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