Monday, August 20, 2012

The Magnitude of the Lies

I'm going to provide this without detailed comment, but if you want to see how far the mainstream media will go to help Republicans spin their lying narrative about Obama, check out this one article, a fact-check from The Atlantic of this week's cover story in Newsweek, about why, supposedly, Obama shouldn't be reelected.

It will perhaps astound you to know that, when asked, Newsweek confessed that they do not have anyone to fact-check their own articles, instead relying on the writers to do this on their own.  Well, read the article and see what the result of that policy turns out to be.  It is hard to believe you could find this many right wing lies in a post at World Net Daily or Renew America, let alone a supposedly revered mainstream publication.


Poll P. said...

I heard the author is actually a Romney advisor! Who own Newsweek, andhow do we boycott them?

Anonymous said...

2 weeks ago the cover story was: Is Romney too much of a wimp to be President? I don't think you need to boycott print media, but you might want to mourn it. Economics leads to corner cutting.

Green Eagle said...

Poll, the problem is, the people who would be willing to boycott them are the ones who already know the truth. It's the others that this sort of thing is aimed at. And yes, apparently Newsweek did indeed let a Romney adviser write an un-fact checked cover story for their magazine, attacking Obama with endless lies. Your "liberal media" in action.