Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Thought on the Dynamics of the Campaign

As an excuse for the mainstream media's constant coddling of Republican candidates, we hear over and over again that they want elections to be "horse races" because the American public won't focus on a race unless it seems to be close.  Well, I have never been satisfied with that explanation, but in this case, I think there may be an even more compelling narrative for the next three months, which will really interest low-information American voters.  That would be watching the smug rich bully getting the bejesus kicked out of him.  In this narrative, Romney plays Biff Tannen, to Obama's Marty McFly.

We'll see, but I think there are some signs that the press (or at least some small part of them) isn't willing to serve as the willing handmaidens to the people who want to usher in eight more years of depression.

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mastercynic said...

Dream On.