Monday, August 27, 2012

A Preposterous Act of Projection

Can anything be more ludicrous than this claim by Karl Rove, of all people?

"Rove: Obama Discouraging Voting This November"

Yes, in a year when the Republican party nationwide has openly and unashamedly devoted itself to keeping as many Democrats from being able to vote in November, Rove has the unmitigated gall to claim that it is Obama who is discouraging people from casting their ballots.  And how does he explain that?

"Political pundit and former presidential adviser Karl Rove tells Newsmax that President Obama’s re-election tactic is to discourage voting this November by making Romney “unpalatable” to voters who don’t want to vote for the incumbent."

Yes indeed, it is an unforgivable offense on the part of Obama to make Romney "unpalatable to voters."  It is a dirty trick for Obama to point out the obvious fact that his opponent doesn't belong within a thousand miles of the White House.

There is just no end to the shamelessness of the Republicans this year.  They know perfectly well that they have saddled themselves with a uniquely unappealing candidate- Romney has the highest negatives of any Republican presidential candidate in recent history, and the tens of millions they have already spent on political spots haven't succeeded in budging those numbers a bit.  The selection of the execrable Paul Ryan did not succeed in changing polling to any significant amount, and now, with a hurricane overshadowing the Republican convention, their hopes for improvement from that quarter are dwindling.  So, they've got nothing else but to try to intimidate the press into accepting their preposterous notion that Obama is degrading the country by pointing out what an inadequate leader Romney is.  It's all they've got.

Well, it's all they've got except a couple of billion dollars of corporate money to spread their lies in the next two months.  So, who knows?  They might get away with it.  Then, God help us all.

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