Thursday, January 12, 2012

Wingnut Wrapup

I must admit I have had a real problem producing a Wingnut Wrapup the last few weeks-  as it dawns on Republicans that their lying and mean spirited behavior have resulted in the most unappealing collection of would-be presidents that anyone has ever seen, their response seems to have been not to reconsider their jackass behavior, but to double down on the meanness.  That leaves one feeling so sick that it's hard to laugh at them.  Maybe I was just handling it a little better today, but I've finally got a collection of their ravings that is marginally worth repeating:

Ann Coulter, Town Hall:  "Who Wouldn't Enjoy Firing These People?"

Well, we know you would, Ann.  That's why rich people pay you to spread their lies.  You don't care who you hurt, as long as you make money.  Sound like any Republican presidential candidates you can think of?

Ann Continues:

"A venture capital firm in Boston that tries to rescue businesses headed for bankruptcy, for example, is not "Wall Street."

No?  If you say so, Ann.  How about a venture capital firm in Boston that plunders businesses and fires thousands of people so guys like Mitt Romney who are born rich can get even richer?

Jeff Carter, Town Hall:  "Now We Will See The Real Obama and it Will Get Ugly"

No evidence, of course- it just will.  And when those Republican Superpacs start spending their hundreds of millions of dollars to tell their lies, it will all be Obama's fault.  See, if he had only really done something wrong, they wouldn't have to make up things to smear him.

Michael Tanner, Town Hall:  "nearly all reporting on income inequality in America has suggested that the incomes of the rich have been rising, while incomes for the rest of us have been stagnant or even declining. But that may represent a significant misreading of the data."

Actually, Michael, that represents a significant reading of the data, not a misreading.

But don't worry- the people that vote for you guys generally can't read, so they won't even notice when you reduce them to penury.

Kate Hicks, Town Hall:  "Bankrupt Solyndra Bribes Employees to Finish Their Jobs"

"Bribes" in this case roughly translating as "Pays them."  The nerve.  Liberals should work for free.

Myra Adams, PJ Media:  'Pick Romney's VP Now' Poll Contest...Have your say."

How about Jay Gould?

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "Republicans to Act After Obama Refuses to Approve Keystone Jobs Project"

Keystone Jobs project.  How Quaint.  By this same definition, Obama is killing jobs by imprisoning heroin dealers.  I can't wait to hear the Republicans slam him for that.  After all, heroin dealers are "job creators," aren't they?  Think of all the pawnshop jobs that junkies generate when they steal your stuff.

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "Claire McCaskill Flees State to Attend Obama Fundraiser"

I really liked this one.  Claire McCaskill attends a fundraiser, and somehow that is fleeing her state.  Man, I'd like to understand the thinking behind that one.

Lloyd Marcus, Renew America:  "New TV show idea: All-American Christian"

How about All-American Asshole, Lloyd?  That way, you and your buddies at Renew America could get to be on it.

Jeannieology, Renew America:  "Planned Parenthood: government-funded religion"

Grow up, Jeannie. 

Alan Caruba, Renew America:  "Barack Machiavelli"

Who knew he was Italian?

National Review Online:  "Rick Santorum, conservative stalwart"

Apparently, "stalwart" is a right wing synonym for "moron."

Selwyn Duke, American Thinker:  "The Myth of Bad Republican Candidates...The current GOP hopefuls are the best group of presidential contenders we've had in a very long time."

The mind boggles.  How could you ever hope to come up with a funnier line than that?  Listen, Selwyn, Green Eagle is here to tell the jokes.  Keep off of my territory.


Wow.  What else can you say?  Amazing.  God help us.


It is absolutely insane to expect oil companies to obey the law when they can make more money by breaking it.  Well, I suspect that the Astute Bloggers are right on that one.


Well, if you consider a Halloween party for the children of soldiers serving overseas to fit that definition, I guess they did.  This is a story that has cropped up on a number of right wing websites in the last few days, even though this party happened over two years ago.  The disgrace!  A party for military children!  The very definition of Satanism.

God, that's all I can take for today.  See you soon.


Grung_e_Gene said...

How dare Oil Companies be punished for fucking the world! Don't the Rubes know that Oil Companies have an absolute right to steal the natural resources, sell them back to us at obscene prices, while foisting all the costs of the environmental destruction on us and getting us to subsidize the whole thing through taxpayer dollars?

Green Eagle said...

Gene, have you seen that the number one export from the United States is now oil? Yes, these bastards are now getting Republican suckers to go around the country screaming "drill, baby, drill," not so we have more oil at home, but so the oil companies can take the oil and sell it overseas.

Man, there is no bigger fool on earth than someone who votes Republican.