Friday, January 20, 2012

Ron Paul's True Colors

In case you still haven't figured out that Ron Paul is the most contemptible candidate in the whole Republican pack, please watch this little bit, via Little Green Footballs, in which he argues that the Civil War was not about slavery, and that the South was on the right side in that conflict:

Pretty nice background he's speaking in front of, too.  This man is a white supremacist.  And yet the press takes him perfectly seriously as a presidential candidate. 


Grung_e_Gene said...

Paul's just repeating The War of Northern Aggression story southerners concocted post-civil war.

Green Eagle said...

Absolutely true. They were racist slime then, and he is a racist slime now.

Magpie said...

Disgusting revisionism. God how I loathe it.

Even if not every person in the North saw slavery as the main issue – though it would have been hard to ignore it - it was absolutely the main issue for most of the South, and the total reason why there came to be a Confederacy in the first place. Prior to the war, writing or even talking abolitionism could get you in trouble. You didn’t have to be John Brown about it… the mere proposition that a black man or woman was an equal human being was seen as threatening. Most of the Confederate leadership were slave owners.

Saying the war wasn’t about slavery is like saying Wall Street isn’t about money.

It’s an odd kind of psychology… your Southerner who hasn’t gotten over a war ended 146 year ago effectively says ‘well slavery isn’t an issue to me therefore it can’t have been an issue back then… instead I’ll just decide in my own mind that the Union persisted with this shitty horrible war for 4 years, instituted a draft, sacrificed a tenth of its adult manhood, and put its very existence on the line for just some abstract constitutional argument”

Ron Paul reminds me of an embarrassing uncle who drops farts in between saying something stupid.

Irony is he’s talking down what’s probably the Republican Party’s finest moment. The party that decided slavery had no place in a modern and just society.

Now look what that party has become.

Anonymous said...

He says that the only war fought over slavery in the Western Hemisphere was The American Civil War. Not true. There was the slave revolt in Haiti that took twelve years and hundreds of thousands of lives and resulted in the creation the only independent black state in the new world.