Friday, January 6, 2012

Another Republican Tax Plan...

Another cynical plot to thieve from the rest of us to give to the rich.  What else would you expect?

"Do a little math and you'll see that 77% of Mitt Romney's tax cut would go to the top 1%—and 44% would go to the top 0.1%.

Oh, and that's not all—the tax cut would also add to the deficit. Cut taxes on the wealthy to explode the debt. Republinomics, perfected."

This plan would actually raise taxes on people earning less than $40,000 a year, while giving an $82,000 tax cut to the top 1% and a $462,000 tax cut to the top 0.1%.  Under Republican rules, it is an act of class war to raise taxes on the rich to lower taxes on the rest of us, but raising taxes on us to lower taxes on the rich is just fine.

As in the two previous plans put forth by would-be Republican presidential candidates (that would be Herman Cain's and Rick Perry's plans) the lying rhetoric about reducing taxes is a lie:  the vast majority of Americans would see their taxes go up or at best remain essentially the same, while the only group getting a big present would be the very wealthy. And of course, in with the package would be a substantial increase in the Federal budget deficit, allowing Republicans to come back in a year or two with their screaming mantra demanding that ordinary Americans give up even more to support the rich.

It is stunning that Republicans have been able to run this game for a hundred years, causing two depressions, and yet our vaunted "free press" can't be bothered to report the truth on the single source of our economic malaise.


Jerry Critter said...

It is republican trickle down tax cuts. Give the people at the bottom some crumbs and the rest of the loaf to the people at the top. In the process, run up the deficit so that you can take more away from the bottom. After all, they "don't pay federal income tax" anyway, so let's cut their government assistance.

BB-Idaho said...

Trickle down should be left to

Dave Dubya said...

Imagine my joy listening to Republicans bitch about those damn socialist Democrats, wanting to redistribute our money to the poor and for public services.

Our governor in Michigan, Rick "the Rhymes-with-Rick" Snyder, has socked my meager pension with a 4% tax increase to pay for his tax cuts for businesses.

I guess they need the money more than I do, poor downtrodden bastards. And it's not redistribution when Republicans do it.

A friend of mine will be getting ten grand more this year. I wonder if he'll take me out for dinner, or at least thank me.

I don't think he wants to talk about it.