Saturday, January 7, 2012

Bristol Moves On

My favorite story of the day, thanks to Yahoo:

"Bristol Palin Done With Hollywood, Moves Back to Alaska

It seemed Bristol Palin had definitely gone Hollywood after finishing third on Season 11 of "Dancing With the Stars" and then signing on to appear in a reality show along with her friend and fellow "DWTS" contestant Kyle Massey. Though they began filming last fall, the series ended up getting scrapped and the 21-year-old daughter of Sarah Palin quickly realized that there's no place like home, which is why she packed up her bags and moved back to Alaska."

"No place like home."  Think she would have had the same revelation if her show hadn't "ended up getting scrapped?"

"I wasn't really into the Hollywood thing," she says. "After that, I just realized that I was over it."

Oh no, she wasn't into the Hollywood thing.  That's why the very thing she did to capitalize on her family's newly minted celebrity was get herself a reality show- apparently the current strategy of choice for a talentless but nationally known person to remain rich and famous.  And of course when it turned out that her life was too boring to sustain the lowest level of viewer interest, she realized just how shallow it all was and happily went home.

"Bristol -- who is currently working as a receptionist at a dermatologist's office in Anchorage..."

 a life so much more fulfilling and exciting than that of a TV star...

"and her little boy reside on the Palin family's property in an apartment under Sarah's TV studio."

Oh well, at least she hasn't moved too far from the world of TV.

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