Sunday, August 14, 2011

False Equivalency Redux

From NBC:

"Chuck Todd: Perry-Obama would be a picture of sharp contrasts. 

David Gregory: You know, Perry talked about potentially seceding from the union. You think that's extreme. Well people on the other side think that introducing health care reform for the whole country is akin to European Socialism."

Yes, from an honored member of our mainstream press:  Liberals advocating health care reform is exactly the same degree of crazy as Conservatives calling for secession from the United States.

Boy, is 2012 going to be a painful year.  And by November of next year, how many ignorant, moronic voters will be convinced by this sort of thing that it's okay to let a pack of terminally corrupt lunatics run the country?

Stay tuned.  The revulsion will be televised.


Jerry Critter said...

That comparison is very telling, and points out just how much more extreme the conservative point of view is (secession) than is the liberal view (healthcare for all). The conservative point of view leads to civil war, at least it did when it was tried in the past, with thousands of deaths. While the liberal point of view saves lives and makes people lives better.

And guess which costs more?

Dave Dubya said...

Whenever I see Gregory, or see him mentioned, all I can think about is his sycophantic little dance with Rove at a press banquet.

Instant nausea.

Green Eagle said...

Unfortunately, people like Gregory are where they are not despite their obtuseness but because of it.