Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Republicans, The Washington Post Has Got Your Back...

Today's example, from Jennifer Rubin, who makes the following sage comment about current Republican fave, Rick Perry, i.e. George W. Bush without the manners:

"A Republican insider on Capitol Hill (no Bush affiliation and no preference for any campaign) disgustedly told me, “The guy who threatened secession is now calling someone else treasonous? Hello, pot, it’s me, kettle.” (The reference was to Perry’s remark, which some took to be humorous, about Texas’s willingness to secede...)"

I am sure that you remember this incident as well as I do.  There was absolutely nothing humorous about what this seditious ass had to say.  He was dead serious.   But, in preparation for a general election campaign, it is the duty of the mainstream media to argue away all of the sick right wing positions that Republican candidates have taken over their political careers, in order to present them to the rubes as moderate centrists.  Thus, the distortion ends and the outright lying begins, and the United States takes another step toward oblivion.

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