Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Two Ways to Leave Your Dictator


Ten years later:
Two trillion dollars wasted
five thousand dead American soldiers
Our country involved in two wars, where the possibility of winning has long vanished
One million "enemy" dead, the vast majority of them civilians
One country fractured, and now controlled by a variety of rerligious fanatics, the other one run by our hand-picked, 100% corrupt ex-oil executive


Six months later:
Cost: negligible
No dead Americans
We're out of there and the people can get on with their lives
Country about to be liberated from 40 years of vicious dictatorship
A good shot for a decent (by regional standards) government in the future

Well there you go.  And this certainly does show why the public has so much trouble figuring out which party is better at running the country, right?


Truth 101 said...

And all the repubs were pissed about how Obama handled this.
I think they were mostly pissed that Halliburton and Blackwater weren't going to make any money from it.

Jerry Critter said...

Great comparison, Green Eagle. I hope you don't mind that I have stolen it and reposted on my blog.

Poll P. said...

For Iraq, don't forget the destruction of precious cultural patrimony (and matrimony.)

Green Eagle said...

Thanks. Jerry, I consider it a compliment that you used something from my blog. As I have said before, I am happy to have anyone do that. The truth belongs to everyone.

Of course, nothing will make the Republicans say one positive word about Obama. He could get the Chinese to renounce our debt to them and dissolve their country and the Republicans would complain.

Anonymous said...

Totally going to reference your blog post since you more succicently highlight the differences!