Saturday, January 9, 2021

How Could He Be So Stupid

 All he had to do was spend the last three weeks of his term down there in Mar a Lago, playing golf and bitching about how unfair life was to him.  But No...he had to come back to Washington and get himself impeached for treason.

I'll tell you what- thank God that we had Donald Trump trying to pull this off.  If the criminal in the White House had only had an IQ of 85 instead of 75, he probably would have pulled it off.  But instead, we had a really stupid traitor.  

And here he is, the only President in history to end up being impeached twice.  I guess that will seal his place in history, although knowing Republicans, it probably means they will try to impeach the next three hundred Democratic Presidents in a row to get their revenge.  Anyone want to make a bet on how many milliseconds it will be before Louie Gohmert, Devin Nunes or some other wingnut jackass in the House tries to introduce an impeachment resolution against Joe Biden?


Magpie said...

Up until recently I saw Trump's post politics plan as being a plan B for 2016:
had he lost to Clinton he would have run some TV unreality show whining about how his opponent cheated.
Some commentators now see his incitement of the Jan 6th mob as being preparatory to that business venture

So... within that frame of expectation... yeah, what a fucking idiot. That will not happen now (I say with 90% certainty 10% wish)

But that pre-supposes he didn't expect to be president day after Jan 20th. I'm no longer sure - in as much as any idea sits fixed in his brain - that he didn't expect to remain.

To clarify that double negative: he expected his coup would succeed.

Apparently he watched the riot unfold on TV and was pleased about what he saw. If we are to give credence to what Fiona Hill said... that was a genuine coup attempt.

I don't think anyone can be satisfied that the issue of inadequate security around the Capitol building has been fully explained.
Some of those shitheads were armed, and it was anticipated by authorities that this would be the case.
OF COURSE it would be the case. They are Right wing jerks after all.
Had they been a do-and-die terrorist entity like Al Qaeda, they could have murdered much of Congress.

As I sit here on Sunday night my time, I wonder if more is to be revealed over the coming week. Congressional Democrats are surely calling around trying to get enough of their opponents to support the impeachment. Perhaps accompanied by "you haven't heard the worst, and you won't want to be standing with Trump when it comes out".

Green Eagle said...

Magpie, see my latest posted comment, and the illustration in it. He is not done yet, as I predicted. He has one more try in him, and it will almost inevitably be bigger and more violent than what has already happened, because that will really be his last chance. Fasten your seat belt, because we are coming in for a bumpy landing.

You know, of course of the famous (if apocryphal) Chinese curse, "May you live in interesting times." As it turns out it can be just as much of a curse to live in really boring times.

bt1138 said...

Many have noted Trump's rather consistent habit of self-sabotage. Also, the sadism.

The thing to keep an eye on is that since Trump is being humiliated and hurt, he's going to reach out to hurt others in return. He's often said that he likes to hit back 10 times harder when people try to hit him. He's rapidly approach "nothing to lose" territory in some ways.

Don't miss the Final Episode, it's going to be must see tv.

Green Eagle said...

It's going to be quite a ride between now and January 20th. We know that these stupid, ignorant jackasses are incapable of putting together a real revolution on the order of those carried out by Washington or Lenin, but they can create horrors that we have never seen in the history of this country, and if not crushed will pose a permanent threat of violence if they do not get their sick, criminal way.