Monday, November 24, 2014

What Are These Two Geezers So Happy About?

Okay, okay, I've got nothing.  So sue me.


Anonymous said...

Whatever the cause their joy is infectious as evidenced by the person in the back. That much love and joy?

I'd say does it matter the cause but I've read your blog for a while now and there are people... icky people who would be happy for icky causes. These two old gents - isn't one a Rolling Stone? Anyway, that is the joy that comes from two musicians who are sharing the groove. I've seen it before. It is an awesome thing to behold.

Thank you Green Bird of Honesty for keeping watch. It can't be easy.


Green Eagle said...

Yeah, one does happen to be a Rolling Stone. The other just happens to be the greatest guitar player on earth. Can't go too far wrong with guys like that.

Poll P. said...

Buddy Guy!

Jerry Critter said...

They're happy they are still breathing.