Monday, November 3, 2014

Kos Gets the Problem, but Do They Get the Solution?

Daily Kos today:

"73% of conservatives vote, only 58% of liberals...The problem with too many of us liberals is we don't take the time to vote and so the Tea Party gets to control Washington"

No, the problem is not that liberals don't take the time to vote.  The problem is that Conservatives have a party that they think (more fools them) represents them, and liberals do not.

This election cycle, I must have gotten close to a thousand begging e-mails asking me to contribute money to a party and a President that will agree to cut Social Security and Medicare, but not oversee the criminals on Wall Street, that will occasionally talk about global warming, but never even try to really deal with it, that won't prosecute a single one of the war criminals responsible for the invasion of Iraq and for making our country synonymous with torture, that won't do a thing to protect the American people from the ravages of a couple hundred sociopathic billionaires.  

Right now, we don't have a party.  Sure, I will vote- I always do, but I can understand why a lot of liberal people don't, and it's not because they're lazy.  It's because they don't really have anyone to vote for, and because unlike Conservatives, who run on anger and hatred, liberals aren't really that into voting against people.  "The Republicans will be worse" just isn't that convincing an argument with our kind of voter, and it shouldn't be.  We need to know that we will be voting for someone who will act on our behalf, and except for a small minority of Democratic "leaders" that just isn't true these days.


Cirze said...

Right on, friend.

that won't do a thing to protect the American people from the ravages of a couple hundred sociopathic billionaires


Getting to ready to vote for Kay in NC because that's one vote we know is going to go psychopathic if we don't.

Thanks for all you do to help us stay centered.

Screech said...

Exactly right. I live in dark red Tennessee and I voted, despite the fact that it's like spitting in the wind.

Green Eagle said...

Thanks. And now we have to suffer through two years of the same Democratic campaign "experts" as always, telling us how it was our fault that we didn't send them enough money to buy their way to victory.