Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Sovereigns Strike Again

Many of you may have missed the story of Curtis Wade Holley, a Tallahassee man who, a few days ago, set fire to his own house, with the intention of killing police and firemen who responded.  Luckily, the police found out what was going on and warned the fire department to keep away, but not until Holley killed one sheriff's deputy and wounded another one.
Well, early articles about this incident referred to Holley's "anti-government views."  Of course, as I immediately suspected, Holley turned out to be a Sovereign Citizen.

The death toll from these violent right wing jackasses has now reached over 100, yet the press persists in treating them like a quaint but harmless group of jargon-spouting loons.  They represent a much greater threat to our national stability than ISIS or Al Qaida ever could, and it is time to put a stop to their often lethal antics.

It remains only for me to point out that, like all Conservatives, their primary motive is to find an excuse not to pay their taxes.  This common goal with more "mainstream" right wingers means that there are tens of millions of people out there who are only one setback away from starting to fall for their absurd claims.

If you are not familiar with this movement, here is an article about them from the SPLC, and here is another interesting article detailing some of their recent violent outbreaks.


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We should pay our taxes because so many people depend on it

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