Thursday, November 20, 2014

But It's Snowing in Buffalo

Global temperatures for this year so far:
Of course, this comes from scientists, so feel free to write it off as some sort of self-serving lie.


Katy Anders said...

Missouri looks like it's been fine, though.

Anonymous said...

you can help. Shut your heat,park your car,no A/C in the summer.
And only use renewable fuels which are available at a very huge cost.

There that should make you feel better then.

the yellow fringe said...

@ anony.... Renewables are not "at a very high cost". Home solar is lower than retail from your utility. Depending where you live/your rate, payback is 4 to 10 years, 6 in most places, most business models consider that a good return on investment. As for wind, wholesale wind sells for mid $20's Mwh. That is less than natural gas peaking, less than any coal anywhere, less than nuclear. As for hydro-electirc, it is competitive with coal, usually below it. Wind and solar are falling fast and will continue due to economy of scale, something not available to coal and nukes since only a couple of hundred are made worldwide each year verse millions of PV cells and thousands of wind turbines.
I suggest rather than park you car and turn off the heat or AC, buy a higher mpg car and insulate your home and buy high efficiency appliances. You don't have to suffer if your smart about it.