Friday, August 23, 2013

Sovereign Citizens At It Again

Readers of Green Eagle may remember that I like to keep an eye on the Sovereign Citizen movement, which lies somewhere between the teabaggers and Aryan supremacists on the political spectrum.  These jackasses have been responsible for a significant part of the right wing violence in this country, and here they are, up to their old tricks.  At least this time they got caught before killing any police or judges:

"LAS VEGAS (AP) — A sting operation stopped a plot to abduct, torture and kill police officers to bring attention to the antiauthority sovereign citizen movement, Las Vegas police said Thursday.

David Allen Brutsche and Devon Campbell Newman were arrested at an apartment a few miles off the Vegas Strip before they could carry out a plan to snatch officers, “put them on trial” and execute them in a vacant house, Las Vegas police Lt. James Seebock said.

..They found a vacant house and rigged it with bolts drilled into wall supports, creating a makeshift jail where they planned to bind captive officers to cross beams for interrogation, police said.

“We need to arrest the police and take them to our jail and put them in a cell and put them on trial in a people’s court,” Brutsche said on July 9, according to the arrest report. “If we run into the position that they resist, then we need to kill them.”

...Police said that when Brutsche was arrested, he denied that police had authority to hold him."

Here's a photo of Brutschke:

Luckily for the rest of us, the greed and hatred of the Sovereign Citizens is in general matched by their own stupidity (no one with half a brain could buy into their harangues about how the United States doesn't really exist, so they don't have to pay taxes) so they got caught this time before they had a chance to "interrogate" anyone.  Well, there's always next time, and with the likes of Ted Cruz and other Republican leaders openly encouraging them, we haven't seen the last of their malignant behavior.  You can count on that.

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