Thursday, August 22, 2013

Scalia Is A Vicious, Traitorous Liar

Here's a story from the Daily Beast about a speech given recently by Antonin Scalia, which of course they carefully refrain from describing the clear meaning of what Scalia is saying:

"America has more than its fair share of extremists who believe people need to stock up on guns to fight against tyrannical government in Washington.Add one more to the list: Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. In a speech in Montana on Monday, the jurist was asked about the Second Amendment and what arms were protected by that provision of the Constitution. That “remains to be determined,” he replied. As one example, he asked if people have a right to “bear shoulder-fired rocket launchers?” Perhaps they do, Scalia suggested. The answer would turn on the historical understanding of the Framers, who Scalia said included the Second Amendment in part to preserve the right of people to revolt against a tyrannical leader."

The authors of this piece correctly point out that the view that the second amendment exists to protect the right of armed revolt against the country is, as I have pointed out on several occasions, completely false.  A cursory reading of the relevant sections of the Federalist papers will disabuse anyone of that notion.  

What is also clear, and here we enter into ground that mainstream reporters fear to tread, is that Antonin Scalia knows this perfectly well.  Scalia has demonstrated that his respect for the intent of the founding fathers, the principle on which he has built his public persona, is a total lie.  Of course, no one could doubt this after things like the Bush V. Gore decision, or the Citizens United travesty, but here it is again.  The truth is that Scalia is nothing but a common criminal, put on the Supreme Court in an extreme act of cynicism, to do the bidding of the very wealthy.  He believes in nothing, and has not a shred of moral compass; he is willing to destroy everything that the founding fathers believed in, if it enriches his masters. 

Of course, no one with a real voice dares point this out.  So, instead of removing him from the court and imprisoning him for his corruption, we let him continue his job of wrecking the country, and (as with miserable clowns like Paul Ryan) we pretend he is a great "conservative intellectual."  Such a thing does not exist and can never exist; all conservatives are either con men or suckers.  Scalia is one of the former.


Poll P. said...

I pray a monkey will attack his ears!

Shaw Kenawe said...

And let's not forget this demonstration of his low-class arrogance.

Paul Avery said...

Worse Than Monkeys

Bush v. Gore has already condemned Scalia to eternal infamy.

Grung_e_Gene said...

He's hardly a traitor he's serving the Rich and Racists to whom he belongs.