Monday, August 12, 2013

A Short Comment About Detroit

I am sick of the utter garbage which Republicans (and others) are slinging regarding the supposed causes of the bankruptcy of the city of Detroit.  It's all the fault of the unions, it's the fault of Democratic city officials, it's the fault of (who else) the poor black people left behind when the whites moved to the suburbs, on and on.

Well let me keep my promise and make this short:  The reason the city of Detroit is bankrupt is known to everyone.  It is that the car companies on which this city was built decided that they could make more money by building cars somewhere else- the South, Mexico, China, anywhere that workers were beaten down enough to work for almost nothing.  That's it.  That's the whole story and as I said, we all know it perfectly well.  The greed of the managerial class destroyed the lives of everyone else.  It's the story of the United States the last half century or so, just more extreme.  And it infuriates me to have people who know better pretending that there is any other answer.

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joseph said...

Even more than the car companies, their suppliers have moved overseas.