Wednesday, August 21, 2013

It's Hopeless

The United States has driven off a cliff, and there is no coming back.  The Republican party has now generated such a population of proudly ignorant jerks that they are about to overwhelm us all.  Today's proof?  A survey of Louisiana Republicans reveals that more blame Obama for the poor response to Hurricane Katrina than blame Bush.

The following picture has nothing to do with this fact, but what difference does it make anyway?
God, we live in a stupid country.


Magpie said...

The economies that will win in the future will be the ones that add value to their human capital… meaning… education, education, education and to some extent health care as well.
That little survey is a pretty damning indicator that you’re not headed a future-looking direction .

Dumbass hick pig-ignorance only explains so much. The rest is down to deliberately false narratives being deliberately allowed to circulate and remain unchallenged or even amplified by the instruments of society that are mean to inform people. i.e. … the media and the people who own it.

Another thing though… the question itself is wrong.
It’s not designed to provoke a thoughtful response – just an automatic partisan reaction. And I don’t think the people being questioned were aware it was an intelligence test.

We’ve had environmental disasters here that triggered less-than-perfect emergency responses…. but no-one says ‘who do you blame more on a two party preferred basis…?’. It’s a stupid question.

The questions should be specific… Where were the failures? How should the response system be re-organised? Who talks to who at every stage from the executive down to the local councils (or whatever you have)? How should disaster relief be funded? Etc etc.
But no… it’s just who do you blame more… that ex-President or this future ex-president?
How are you ever going to have a smarter population if all the questions assume they’re stupid in the first place?

“Would you describe yourself as very liberal, slightly liberal, moderate, slightly conservative…” Another stupid question.
Who gives a fuck? Might as well ask them whether they like apple pie or ice cream.
Ask them what three things they see as most enabling for them and their family to realise their personal goals. Ask them what three things have most affected their local community.
Just… for the love of God… ask them something meaningful and then frame policy aimed at addressing those things.

Anonymous said...

that survey means crap. it's anonymous and most people lie on those surveys anyway. Looks like you are short on material. What nothing on the racist killing of Christopher Lane. I guess the clown wearing the Obama mask was more of a story.
FYI Republicans blamed Blanco and Nagin for their lack of response. Only in America do we elect people based on the color of their skin not the content of their character.

Magpie said...


I’m not sure why you mention Christopher Lane. Green Eagle has no obligation to carry news on demand. This isn’t a newspaper.

But I want you to know…
No-one of consequence here in Lane’s homeland, where I’m also from, believes it was racist, based on anything we know now at time of writing.
Or that it was really anything other than the random consequence of the cultural fetish and ease of access to firearms that juveniles, morons, lunatics and cowards ‘enjoy’ due to the connivance of organisations such as the NRA.

A belief further reinforced by today’s report… that a gun went off in a 5 year old kindergartener’s backpack in an elementary school in Tennessee.

Anonymous said...

Of course you don't believe it was racist. I guess you didn't see the racist tweets and I suppose the Shorty Belton case wasn't racist either. But that Hispanic George Zimmerman was really a white man just waiting to hunt down some poor innocent black child that day.
you people are totally nuts.

Green Eagle said...

That survey means crap...of course it was from PPP, one of the pollsters whose predictions that Obama was going to cruise to a comfortable victory were also crap, as proven by right wingers like Anonymous. Sorry, guy, I'll go with the folks who were right, not the ones who are always wrong.

Magpie said...


You can take the narrative of ‘guns don’t kill people - black people do’ and shove it where the sun doesn’t shine. There is no link between this case and the Zimmerman case.
I see a young man dead, I see someone holding a gun – I don’t stop and say ‘just a second while I colour code this to thereby judge if it was okay for this person to have been shot and for this person to have killed him’. I don’t give a crap what colour they were, and it’s already obvious to me here that - all putrid justifications by the criminal aside - the actual reason the killer did it was because somehow he had reached a point in his miserable existence where his respect for life has come second to his need to feel powerful by the time honoured coward’s tradition of using a gun.

I’m not interested in your pathetic fear/fantasy of race war or any of the narratives you buy into – which do nothing but ignore the poverty, abuse, mental instability, lack of services, lack of education, idiot dog-whistling and easy access to firearms which are the actual root causes of stuff like this – NOT what colour their skin is.

Even if a killer’s excuse in some case or other was put in racist cant… think for a second what it is you are doing here.
You are taking the bad guy’s philosophy and equalising to it. Amplifying it. With some halfwit tit-for-tat between unconnected cases.
You are doing their bidding. You are buying into their excuse. You are becoming turf in their fantasy.
You take the verbal and mental vomit of killers and say “okay that will be the foundation of my reaction, my ideology, and I’ll judge every other TOTALLY UNCONNECTED case based on that bile – because I can equalise to this – I can be just as big a dickhead”.

That’s how things all go round in a fucking circle, because like you people don’t display the character and intellect to say “I’m not playing this game”.

... And I'm not playing your game either.