Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A Suggestion for Barack

Well, here's the newest excuse the Republicans have come up with to push their bogus impeachment drive:  If Obama takes any action on his own in Syria, without begging Congress for approval, he's violated the Constitution and therefore deserves to be impeached.

Fine.  Barack, go to Congress today and ask them to immediately vote to give you war powers like they did for that miserable failure George W. Bush.  Let's just see how many Republicans vote yes and how many, following their supreme program of never going along with Obama on everything, vote no.

If they refuse to give him the power to do anything, that will make it clear who really wants to try to deal with problems, and who is only interested in macho posturing and electoral politics.  And it will surely get Obama off the hook for doing nothing in Syria.

Simple enough.  I'm sure our do-nothing Republicans will be able to deal with this easily.

1 comment:

Paul Avery said...

It seems the President took your advice. I didn't know you had such powerful influence in the White House. :)