Friday, June 7, 2013

Oh, the Outrage

And so the indignity swells, from every part of the ideological spectrum, that the government seems to have found out who we all called.  Of course, let's get this one thing out of the way first: these practices and worse were instituted under the Bush Administration, and never did a single Republican complain.  So, we know how seriously to take their whining (as if we didn't already.)  But this time they have been joined in the festival of outrage by tons of Democrats, and formerly respectable writers like Glenn Greenwald.

Hey, I'm not happy about people knowing who I got calls from (mostly my wife and the dentist- I hope they get some really good national security information from that.)  But as far as I am concerned, this issue is way down on the list of things I am outraged about.  I wonder why (and I really do- this is not sarcasm) all of the people on our side who are so up in arms about this, are not more concerned about things like this:

An administration that started an illegal war of aggression, killing hundreds of thousands of innocent people and costing us two trillion dollars, and committing war crimes of torture and imprisonment without cause in the process;

An administration that actively aided Wall Street traders in an orgy of greed that destroyed our economy; and

An administration that saw to it that not one single person was held responsible for either of these monstrous crimes;

A political party (one of only two that we have) that, between its pandering to a massive group of deranged, hate-filled, ignorant voters that it created itself, and its pandering to the hyper-rich, has turned itself into a subversive organization which is destroying the nation's ability to function; and

An administration that refuses to even call them out on their sedition, let alone do anything about it

A government that favors the enrichment of literally a few thousand families over the welfare of the rest of us

Supposed representatives of the people that are constantly trying to force the country into insane foreign warfare...

Well, I could go on and on, but I think this current outrage about the government checking who we called, as unacceptable as it may be, is far, far down the list of unaddressed threats facing this country.  It has never been demonstrated that the current phone number controversy has harmed a single person- the crimes listed above have killed hundreds of thousands and diminished the prosperity of hundreds of millions.  Yet the government and the press seem to have determined to just let them vanish into the dustbin of history while they obsess over nothing; which is to say they are collaborating in their determination to only serve the rich in this world, while providing the rest of us with nothing but meaningless distractions while we see our lives wasting away.


the yellow fringe said...

Scuse me but didn't the phone company know who we called, the bank know how much we paid, microsoft and facebook know what email we sent, porn we saw, books we ordered, friends we have? So far I didn't see any evidence the government is watching me. The spam and pop up adds, the junk mail, the robo calls tell me corporations are watching tracking influencing inhibiting tempting and harassing me. Which politician is red faced about that?

Green Eagle said...

Yeah, what you said, Yellow Fringe. Good point. I guess it's okay for someone to know everything about me as long as they only intend to use it to make themselves rich, not for some sort of perverted purpose like protecting us or seeing that we have health care.

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Magpie said...

I seem not to have inherited the paranoia gene.

I have never feared that my government - who answers to me at the voting booth anyway - knows too much about me.

‘cause there is not that much that is remarkable. If they got into my computer they would find some family photos, some strategy games, some junior football rosters, and maybe a veterinary report regarding my aging cat. Really… what can they do with knowing where I go to the dentist?

Please make my government ease-drop on me… Really. I have no shortage of opinions to share with them. The opposition party too, please let them read my emails…. Particularly the one that says Tony Abbott is a goofball and Julie Bishop is an incompetent cow. Let them read it.

What is this incredible narcissism that assumes that any government official gives a flying fuck who Joe Average called for takeout pizza?

I could run naked and painted pink with purple polka dots through a shopping mall and still not get a government agency to pay attention to me. You have to have 500 registered members just to get on the page as a political party.
If I rang up some government agency and they couldn’t find my records… that would be nothing but a bothersome inconvenience to me.

I mean SERIOUSLY…. I think if the Lizard people were going to do something dastardly to me they’d have done it already.

Green Eagle said...

Isn't the web amazing? I make a joke about calls from my dentist, and the next day I get a spam comment trying to sell me dental instruments. Maybe Mubeen Aslam thinks I could do my own dental work, leaving no suspicious record of reminders of my next appointment to alert the government to...whatever.

And you've got to love the absolutely meaningless statement "thanx dear share the information.. yours is so informative i have get many information in your site," because if there is one thing vital to some presumably foreign dental equipment seller, it is Wingnut Wrapup. Do they think I actually believe they have a clue what my blog is about?

fred c said...

My favorite bit of spam alerted me to a web-site that would teach me exercises to increase my jump height. It came in on a five year old post called, "The Fifteen Greatest Roman Generals," which has attracted several hundredfold more hits than anything else I've ever posted. Maybe I should devote my blog to the subject. Thanks as always for your cogent comments on subjects that I find too depressing to cover myself.