Thursday, June 13, 2013

God in Heaven Above, Is the News Boring Lately

Sorry for the lack of posts, but what the hell is there to talk about?  Some guy revealing what anyone with half a brain already knew?  Republicans trying to press Obama to do something- anything- in Syria, where both sides are the bad guys, so that they can blame Obama for whatever happens?  More vicious anti-woman legislation around the country from the same Republicans?  What is there the least bit interesting in any of this?  Even the right wingers I cover are just listless and stupid these days.

Oh well, I'll have something to say when I think it won't bore people half to death.

Corroboration:  This little quote this evening from Hunter at Daily Kos:

"it's been a fairly dismal week, and I don't want to talk about politics anymore."

Amen, brother. 


Magpie said...

"....when I think it won't bore people half to death"

That mode of dying is not the main gig:

"As America marks the six-month anniversary of the massacre of 20 children and six adults in the hamlet of Sandy Hook in Newtown, Connecticut, gun control advocates have noted that another milestone has been reached - more Americans have died by the gun since then than the total number of US troops killed in Iraq.

At the time of writing, at least 5109 had died by shooting in the US in the past six months, in comparison with 4409 soldiers lost in Iraq.

The figure is not exact because, at the behest of the National Rifle Association, Congress stripped funding from the Centres for Disease Control after that public body conducted research in 1993 showing that having a gun in the house increased, rather than decreased, the likelihood of a member of that household being shot."

The rest of the horror summary is here:

Green Eagle said...

And even that horrid story is but one little part of the sacrificing of everything in this country to the will of corporations and their owners.