Thursday, June 27, 2013

Justice- American Style

I'm sure we will all be overjoyed by news of this victory for judicial fairness in the military:

"The Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces threw out the conviction of Sgt. Lawrence Hutchins III of Plymouth, Mass., who has served about half of his 11-year sentence.

According to the ruling posted on the court's website Wednesday, the judges agreed with Hutchins, who claimed his constitutional rights were violated when he was held in solitary confinement without access to a lawyer for seven days during his 2006 interrogation in Iraq."

Solitary confinement!  Seven days!

I am sure we are all anxiously looking forward in coming days to when the "Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces" deals similarly with a certain hundred or so military detainees who have been held for ten years in prison, most of them without charges ever being filed against them.

Or is "justice" only for white Christians?  Let's just wait and find out.

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