Tuesday, November 13, 2012

What a Bunch of Losers

With the meteoric career of Paul Ryan hitting an unexpected (by Republicans) speed bump, my wife pointed something out to me that is most interesting, and that I had never thought of.  Look at the miserable record that Republican candidates have had at choosing vice presidents since World War II:

Eisenhower- Nixon- forced from office later for corruption.
Nixon- Agnew, forced from office for corruption.
Goldwater- Bill Miller, a lunatic (for the time- today he would probably be too liberal for Republicans) right winger whose only real contribution to the nation's politics was being the father of talk show host Stephanie Miller.
Reagan- Bush 1, the only reasonably justifiable choice in decades.
Bush 1- Dan Quayle, an intellectually challenged clown.
Dole- Jack Kemp, a merciless supply sider; the '90's Paul Ryan
Bush- Cheney.  Need I say more?
McCain- Sarah Palin, Dan Quayle on steroids.
Romney- Paul Ryan.

Note:  I leave Gerald Ford's choice of Bob Dole off the list, because Ford was not the choice of the Republican party, but was a mild centrist forced on the Republicans by the resignations of first Agnew and then Nixon himself.

Well, this is a pretty pathetic list, and shows that the Republican lust for power without any concern for using it constructively is not in any way a recent phenomenon.  They really don't care about the damage they do after they are elected.

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Anonymous said...

Oh I dunno. Seems both parties are guilty of same.

Adlai Stevenson
Senator John Sparkman of Alabama

Adlai Stevenson
Senator Estes Kefauver of Tennessee

John F. Kennedy
Senator Lyndon B. Johnson of Texas

Lyndon B. Johnson
Senator Hubert Humphrey of Minnesota

Hubert Humphrey
Senator Edmund Muskie of Maine

George McGovern
Senator Thomas Eagleton of Missouri
Sargent Shriver U.S. Ambassador to France

Jimmy Carter
Senator Walter Mondale of Minnesota

Jimmy Carter
Senator Walter Mondale of Minnesota

Walter Mondale
Congressperson Geraldine Ferraro of NY

Michael Dukakis
Senator Lloyd Bentsen of Texas

Bill Clinton
Senator Al Gore of Tennessee

Bill Clinton
Senator Al Gore of Tennessee

Al Gore
Senator Joe Lieberman of Connecticut

John Kerry
Senator John Edwards of North Carolina

Barak Obama
Senator Joe Biden of Rhode Island

Barak Obama
Senator Joe Biden of Delaware