Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Dodging a Bullet

Yes, we dodged a bullet last night, but don't forget that their gun is still loaded.  After a few days of self pity and irrational anger (which Green Eagle fully intends to document in his unique fashion,) the Republicans will be right back out there doing everything they can to sell the same old pack of lies they have been peddling for the last hundred years, and once again, they will have vast pools of corporate money to back them up.

But, at least for now, we can take comfort in some results of yesterday's election.  First of all, the vast avalanche of rich people's money was not quite enough to buy the Presidency.  Nor did it succeed in purchasing a number of Senate races.  Linda McMahon, in particular, has now spent (so I have read) $77 million of her own money with exactly nothing to show for it.  Forty million was not enough to persuade the people of Ohio to abandon the best Senator in the nation, Sherrod Brown.  And a vicious and well financed campaign could not keep the people of Massachusetts from sending one of the nation's great consumer advocates, Elizabeth Brown, to the Senate.

Second, despite the worst of intentions, the Republicans failed to steal this election, saving us from having the third Presidential contest in twelve years handed to the GOP through corruption and criminality.  We'll never have the absolute proof now (thankfully,) but I am convinced that four more years of Bush style economics, given the weakened state of our economy, would have pushed the country and then the world into a truly profound depression.  So at least we can have four more years of treading water while the Republicans try to drag us under, before we have to fight this miserable battle all over again.

And as a final bit of icing on the cake, nothing that happened yesterday gave me more pleasure than the defeat of Congressman and war criminal Allen West.  There is no more open display of the viciousness and unmitigated gall of the Republican party that, given all of the heroic, patriotic ex-military people in this country, they chose to run for Congress a man who was kicked out of the army for torturing prisoners.  The fact that they decided that a subhuman creature like West was fit to serve our country in the House of Representatives should tell you all you ever need to know about the Republicans' real dedication to serving the country.

Finally, in the election as well as in their governing, the Republicans have shown once again that they are great at screaming and blabbing, but utterly incompetent at actually doing anything- except of course plundering the country and giving all our wealth to the rich.  Their behavior may not exactly fit the Constitutional definition of treason, but I don't think it is that much of a stretch to suggest that deliberately tanking our economy is darned close to "giving aid and comfort to the enemy."


Magpie said...

“After a few days of self-pity and irrational anger…”

It’s going to be more than a few days, my friend. This one hurt them worse than 2008.
It said something about America.

It said 2008 wasn’t an aberration.
It said you can’t despise the people who don’t look like you and still win anymore.
It said the people haven’t forgotten who caused the financial crisis, nor forgiven.
It said money doesn’t always buy power.

Looking forward to you charting their rage.

ez said...

My fear had been Mitt being elected and getting the credit for an economic turnaround-one that has already begun. In the same way the right brands the sluggish economy as due to Obama (not because Bush screwed things up so deeply) they would claim the upswing as "theirs".

Screw 'em.

Anonymous said...

I would not change a single word of your post.
I do derive especial pleasure in Florida's swap of Alan Grayson for Allen West. There is poetry in that.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Oh nevermind I found them

Poll P. said...

"It said you can’t despise the people who don’t look like you and still win anymore. "
To a Martian (e.g.), we all look much more alike than different. Fifty shades of brown shouldn't be something to freak out about. GE, your blood pressure can go back down now.