Thursday, November 8, 2012

Unskewed or Unhinged?

We report, you decide.  As a last little look into the pre-election world of delusion that the Republicans were living in, here is the final election prediction of the now-infamous Conservative site Unskewed Polls:

"Big Romney Election Day Turnout:
QStarNews Election Day Exit Poll: Romney by 5.4 percent in popular vote
The FINAL Definitive Projection of the race: Romney wins 51% and 275 EVs (new 11/5)

"Basically, in reality, Romney is cleaning up in the swing states and might just win every single one of them including Pennsylvania and Ohio. The liberal alternative fantasy is that we're going to get a Romney wins the popular vote, Obama wins the electoral college because they still believe this fantasy that Obama is going to win most of the key swing fantasy land for liberals with their beloved skewed media polls, it's all Obama.

The latest Rasmussen poll of Wisconsin has the race tied at 49 percent each. That means Mitt Romney wins with almost 51 percent.  But in liberal land, Obama is sure to win Wisconsin. The badly skewed NBC/WSJ/Marist poll that is almost two weeks old, has Obama leading 51 percent to 46 percent.

In liberal fantasy land, Virginia is going for Obama because none other than Nate Silver says so, despite that polling data.

Mitt Romney is going to win the election. Deal with it, liberals. Get your prescriptions for your medications renewed before election day. You'll be needing them in double and triple dosages after Obama is defeated."

I don't think any ridicule I could think of (and if there is one thing Green Eagle is pretty good at, it's ridicule,) would make this any more hilarious; so I'll just let it stand on its own.


Kevin Robbins said...

What do you mean Romney lost? Dick Morris and George Will said he was going to win in a landslide.

Poll P. said...

I've got to say, the sun has been shining a little brighter the last few days...even through the wind, rain and snow.