Monday, September 5, 2011

The Truth About Reaganomics

In a single chart, courtesy of Robert Reich, from the New York Times yesterday:

As I have stated so often, the entire reason for the existence of the Republican party is to thieve whatever the rest of us have, and give it to the rich.  Ronald Reagan was the "inspirational" figure who found a way to convince large numbers of Americans to accept that vicious concept as a good thing.  The country has been run on that basis ever since.  The result can be seen by anyone that can read this single graph.  That is why the country is in the condition that it is today, and only a massive seizure of the ill-gotten gains of the rich, and an equally massive redistribution of it to the vast number of workers to whom it really belongs, can save us.

The truth is no more complicated or obscure than that.  People who cared to open their eyes have been warning since Reagan that Republican plundering of the economy would lead us to this place, but they were shouted down by the greed-maddened fools that bought Reagan's economic lies.  Really, there isn't much more to say.


Cardinal44 said...

You can even see Nixon in the left chart!

Magpie said...

Personal recollection:
Reagan was contemporary with Thatcher. These are the two pillars of conservatism I grew up with.
Thatcher gutted Britain and both of them broke the power of unions (with Murdoch complicity in the case of Britain).
The broad prosperity of the post-war era effectively ended then.
A lot of objects in my childhood had "Made in Great Britain" written on them. Such is not the case now, and not coincidentally neither is Britain so great.

Industrialized countries that don't make stuff anymore... even the wealth the rich have hoarded will go elsewhere, eventually, and so will influence, and ultimately so will security.

Dudley the Fat Ass Liberal Beagle said...

Facts matter not to the right. Or to the mindless sheep that vote with them.

The only honest thing the republicans say is "trickle down." It's like when T101 got married and his wife said he'd "get a little." She wasn't kidding. Neither was Reagan. The poor and middle class got a trickle.

Green Eagle said...

Say, Dudley, how about a play date with our corgis?

Dave Dubya said...

There's a picture worth a few thousand words.