Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Thanks A Lot, Bernie

You son of a bitch.  So, here's the end result of your malignant attempt to purloin the Democratic party's apparatus to advance your own agenda.  Here's what happens when you preach to your ignorant Berniebots that the two parties are just the same; that Hillary is just as malignant a criminal as Trump, that what you get from one party is exactly the same as what you get from the other- people who give up and go out and do something as stupid as anything that the most vicious
Trump supporters could ever think of.

Well, here's James T. Hodgkinson, a white old guy with a gun who is indistinguishable from the worst sort of  violent, rage filled Trump-NRA crackers, but he is one of yours.  Own him, Bernie, because you created him, in your obsession to steal the Democratic Presidential nomination.

And on top of everything else, here is what we get, thank you very much, Bernie:  Yesterday, we saw the Attorney General lie, evade, distort the truth and do everything else he could to demonstrate with perfect clarity that he knows damned well that he and his President are up to their necks in something really dirty involving the Russians.  This should have launched the next phase of the struggle to make these traitors pay for their crimes, but instead, it's all in the past today, while we will watch every Republican from Trump on down spend the next week making this guy out to be the poster child for Democrats.

Man, as they say, with friends like this, who needs enemies?


Jerry Critter said...

No doubt, there are crazies on both sides. Trump's malignant presidency energizes both sets of wackos.

Jerry Critter said...

The difference between the left and right wackos is that the right wing wackos constitute a significantly greater percentage of the GOP.

Green Eagle said...

Well, that is true, Jerry. On the other hand it means a lot more votes they can count on.

Flying Junior said...

It ain't the meat, it's the motion.

Anonoman said...

Green Eagle, I think you're way off on this one. At least when it comes to the idea that Sanders needs to "own" the shooter Hodgkinson. That's no one's fault but the shooter himself.

In a way, you're doing exactly what you (rightfully) lament the GOP will do.

Green Eagle said...

Anonoman, I appreciate your feelings about this, and I must say that this is the reaction I have gotten from most people when I have suggested this. Here is my reply, in brief:

The history of what we today call terrorism, since at least the Russian Nihilists in the nineteenth century, has been quite consistent. Terrorist acts are the result of the behavior of two groups. The first group consists of "leaders" who promote world views in which ordinary people are oppressed by forces that they are utterly unable to oppose. These leaders continue their agitation knowing perfectly well that eventually a member of the second group- the small minority of mentally disturbed listeners- will eventually take the agitation seriously enough to act on the incitement. This is the basic principle behind "leaderless revolution," developed by the IRA and perfected by the Palestine Liberation Organization. In fact, leaderless revolution has had no benefit except to isolate the agitators from the consequences of their behavior.

Yesterday's incident was, in my opinion, a classic example of this in practice. Bernie, to advance his own goals, systematically portrayed the Democrats as virtually indistinguishable from Republicans, locked together with them in a program to serve the rich, which has left everyone else out in the cold. The helplessness which is implicit in this attitude was bound to eventually incite someone to engage in meaningless violence. Well, Bernie knew perfectly well that the world view he was promoting in public was false, but he pushed the idea anyway, and this is the result.

Anyway, that is what I see. If you have more to say on the subject, I welcome your input, and I promise you that I will listen to what you have to say, and not just use your comment as an opportunity to go on some self-serving rant.