Monday, June 12, 2017


Did any of you have a chance to see some of the highlights of the "cabinet meeting" that Trump had broadcast today on national television?  Trump forced each cabinet secretary to praise the wonderful job that Trump is doing, or to put things another way, he forced them, in order to keep their jobs, to go in front of the whole world and tell the most shameless lies about what every one of them must know is the worst Presidency in our history, by an immense distance.  Thus, Trump managed to bathe himself in the most disgusting display of sick narcissism that the country has been forced to endure yet, and at the same time engage in an act of the most brutal bullying, forcing long standing public figures to humiliate themselves in order to avoid being savaged by him.

There has never, I feel safe in saying, been such a degraded performance by a President in the entire history of our country; in fact, nothing has ever come close.

It is a very stupid thing for various Democrats to say that we should not be working to remove this malignant subhuman from the White House; no matter how much slicker Pence or Ryan might be at advancing the contemptible Republican agenda, the fact still remains that this man's presence at the top of our government degrades every one of us, every day that we do not work to throw him out.  If this nauseating excuse for a man is allowed to remain in office for his whole term, the entire country will be marked for the rest of our lives as a miserable, untrustworthy, vicious pack of ignorant, hate and greed filled scum.  We must fight to destroy him, because he is well on the way to destroying us.


Jerry Critter said...

What a disgusting bunch of bootlicking assholes. It was a sorry display of self serving bullshit that only a narcissistic egotist would think is suitable for display to the general public.

ez said...

It's almost as if this whole production was some kind of forced Loyalty pledge.. Not that Mr Trump would ever insist on such a thing. /s

Really, really, a new low among all the other lows.

Marc said...

The only 'good' thing about it, is that it's on film.

One Fly said...

Exactly and the two posts before this echo my sentiments as well. Can't stand to watch this type of thing for very long at all.

WTF anyway. What amazes me is how many believe this person has legitimacy. There is no crawling out of this hole anytime soon if ever. Thanks you whore beltway pundits and AM radio racists and haters who over a lot of years molded idiots minds into just what they wanted to bring their 30 year mission to destroy much of what makes this place decent to fruition.

I hardly care anymore and refuse to interact with those who are okay with this.

Green Eagle said...

And of course, the mainstream press is treating this as just slightly outside normal practice, instead of the monstrous degradation that it really is, so we will just go on from one outrage like this to another, as the country deteriorates into a mockery of decency; all the while, the Make America Great Again people will be cheering it all on, thrilled to once again be living in the Greatest Country On Earth, after the eight year humiliation of having a black man for President.

Unknown said...

None of those shitheels are being forced into doing anything. They are doing it willingly, and deserve the scorn and ridicule that they are getting. It sounds like you feel sorry for them; I don't.

Green Eagle said...

Unknown, just to set your mind at rest, I do not feel a shred of pity for them. They are willingly participating in destroying our country, just as Trump is, and in fact are probably far more aware than the ignorant, stupid Trump is, of exactly what an abomination they are participating in. These are true traitors, and deserve to pay the full price, which in my opinion, for the leaders of a treasonous cabal, should be death.

Quincy Wotts said...

Green Eagle, death is too nice for them. I would place them in Single-Room-Occupancy units at Guantanamo Bay as poetic justice.

I don't know if Trump is the worst just yet. James Buchanan started with the Lecompton Constitution fiasco and the Panic of 1857, and finished by giving military weapons to traitors, and giving the traitors several months to organize a full-fledged government by refusing to fight them.

[The following notes deal with the Buchanan administration.]

NOTE 1: The Lecompton Constitution would have made Kansas a slave state. A popular vote of approval in 1857 was illegitimate, as over half of the votes were fraudulent; Buchanan wanted it approved, anyway. Buchanan's attempts to push the constitution through Congress resulted in the Democratic party split of 1860.

The legislature which wrote the Lecompton Constitution was itself illegitimate, as pro-slavery terrorists from Missouri crossed the border in order to cast illegal votes and physically prevent anti-slavery Kansas from voting in the 1855 election.

NOTE 2: According to the New York Times' Disunion blog, "His cabinet officers were among the most corrupt in American history. As southerners, their scandalous behavior included, in Secretary of War John Floyd’s case, sending federal arms to the future states of the Confederacy."

As president-elect, Buchanan had engaged in correspondence with at least one member of the Supreme Court with the goal of turning the Dred Scott case into a decision that would make slavery legal throughout the United States.

Jean H. Baker concluded, "Tragically, his administration served to encourage the future enemies of the republic as he gave the Confederate States of America precious time and support to organize for war." I don't think Trump has equaled Buchanan's damage to the United States yet.

Green Eagle said...

I know that, up until George W. Bush, Buchanan was widely considered to be the worst President in history. That is, of course, because his utter failure to deal with the slavery issue made the Civil War all but inevitable. But at least (I think) he believed in what he was doing, and did not do it as part of a corrupt scheme. And although he may have had corrupt people working for him, he was not corrupt himself. Trump is by about a hundred times the most corrupt President ever, flaunting his use of the Presidency as a money making scheme in front of the country. He is also a phenomenally ignorant and stupid bully, and a violent man who hungers for war.

There was no comparison of any previous President to Bush, and now the very next President makes Bush look modest in his incompetence. This is because the Republicans realized decades ago that they could never get rational people to go along with their program of everything for the rich, so they had to breed a voting bloc that acted on the basis of hatred, greed and an insatiable hunger for violence. Well, they have succeeded beyond their wildest dreams, and since they show no sign of backing off their program, I have been predicting that Trump is not some final product, but merely a way-station on the road to something far more malignant; i.e. an out and out Hitlerian dictator who will succeed in transferring the entire wealth of the country to a few dozen families, while turning the entire rest of the population into slaves.

Magpie said...

"Emperor Trump's sycophantic cabinet meeting stinks of Beijing-like obeisance"

- The Guardian newspaper