Monday, June 5, 2017

Pittsburgh or Bust.

Bust, I think we can pretty safely said.  I've been away for a couple of days, but just to keep my self-appointed task of reporting on the inevitable failure of right wing protests and marches complete, I want to show a couple of representative pictures from this week's "Pittsburgh or Paris" march in Washington, D.C., which was financed by the Republican party and promoted in the media by Donald Trump himself (not that he showed up, of course; he went to play golf instead.)  So, take a look:

Really, I'm not being selective here.  I have always adopted a policy of showing the largest groups of people I can find at these wingnut events, confident that the truth is humiliating enough for them; and this event was no exception.  Based on what I saw, I cannot believe that this event attracted even a hundred participants, despite its systematic promotion by the Republican party.  Once again, I want to point out the very real evidence that the right in this country is largely a mirage, created by the vast expenditure of money contributed by rich sociopaths like the Koch brothers, which culminates in a torrent of lies and smears in the couple of months preceding national elections, resulting in Republicans maintaining control over the Federal and most State governments.  The actual "white working class," i.e. white racist crowds that supposedly support their own evisceration by Trump and Ryan and McConnell does not exist, except as a huge mob of ignorant, hate filled scum that can be easily manipulated by whichever politician is the most willing to dive into the lowest level of political slime; which is to say, whichever Republican happens to be up for election at the time.

Democrats have paid a massive price (and the American people have paid it with them) for refusing to totally give up their commitment to the welfare of the American people, but what is the choice?  If Democrats were to give themselves over to the same hateful behavior as Republicans, they could win back a lot of the stupid, self destructive crackers that keep Republicans in office, but only at the price of becoming no better than Trump and Bannon and Ryan.  What good would that do us?  Instead, in the absence of a middle path that anyone can discern, we wait for these evil people to die off, and pray that the black and brown people who are replacing them will be at least a tiny bit higher up on the scale of moral evolution.

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