Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Wingnut Wrapup

Kurt Schlichter, Town Hall:  " ‘Tis The Season For Militant Atheists To Whine.  There’s nothing like the holidays for laughing at anti-religious malcontents being driven to madness by the thought of Christians and Jews celebrating their faiths."

More hallucination from the wingnuts.  I never heard of an atheist in my life who gave a damn about people "celebrating their faith."  What a lot of people do care about is self-righteous jackasses trying to shove their stupid, primitive beliefs down our throats.

Star Parker, Town Hall:  "... it was not by accident that President Obama chose a theater in a poor black neighborhood in Washington, DC, where the average income is barely half the national average, to speak this week about economic opportunity and fairness.  What exactly was the President trying to achieve by sharing with a low-income black audience that “today’s CEO now makes 273 times more” than the average worker?"

What do you think he was trying to achieve, you malicious idiot?  And I guess you think he should have made this speech to a pack of Wall Street vultures.  A lot of good that would have done.

Ralph Benko, Town Hall:  "To Hell With Paul Krugman"

Ralph is trying to blame Krugman for the 2008 economic collapse.  Maybe he's working to make the short list for liar of the year.  Ralph makes this claim because Krugman is against returning to the gold standard, the fastest way anyone can think of to make sure that we end up just like Greece.  Ralph says:

"… Krugman would do well to dig into a classic: Goethe’s Faust, Part II."

A work of fiction.  Because that is what right wingers have to offer: fiction.

Humberto Fontova, Human Events:  "Caveat on Nelson Mandela-Never a word on Cuban freedom fighters"

Oh, grow up already.  Obama's lucky that Raul Castro didn't punch him in the face for running a concentration camp on expropriated Cuban soil.

Rick Moran, PJ Media:  "Rand Paul’s Wife Doesn’t Want Him to Run for President"

Neither does anyone else.

Bryan Fischer, Renew America:  "Who's to blame for Hiroshima?"

I can't say that I actually read this article, but let me take a guess anyway:  Obama?

Jeff Lukens, Renew America:  "To be an American is to be different from other nationalities. From colonial times through the present day, Americans have believed they were taking part in a journey that only this nation can fulfill. It is a call to exemplary leadership and service on the world stage"

Amazing.  That's exactly what Al Qaida believes about themselves.

Tabitha Korol, Renew America:  "The other night I watched a PBS special on Kristallnacht...I was able to find a transcript to further review the two infamous Nuremberg Laws that Hitler initiated during his rise to power. From those, more than 2,000 antisemitic laws were ratified at all levels of government, thereby sealing the fate of the Jews of the Third Reich.

To my utter horror, however, I realized that these laws survived the Nazi regime and are now being implemented against Jews and Christians here"

Man, and we thought the war on Christmas was bad.  Now, the Obama administration is bringing back the worst Nazi perversions.  There is just no lie right wingers won't stoop to.

Bob Unruh, World Net Daily:  "Shock claim: Obama worse than a communist...when you strip that away from historical Nazism and look at the political philosophy of Nazism, this is very much what Barack Obama is into.”

"... Nazism, contrary to popular belief, is a leftist philosophy, not right-wing. It looks at the “leftist nature” of Nazism.  Morse examines elements of National Socialism he sees in Obama’s administration. Those include a national welfare system, nationalization of police forces, a centralized regulation of private businesses, a centralization of power and bureaucracies imposing their own demands on a citizenry.  He also looks at the use of demonization, noting many leftists today don’t say their political opponents merely are wrong but that they want to hurt people..."

Of course, calling Obama a Nazi and worse than a Communist could never be considered demonizing him, oh no. 

Breitbart:  "Sarah Palin to host outdoors TV show-Sportsman Channel said Monday it has hired Sarah Palin to be host of a weekly outdoors-oriented program that will celebrate the “red, wild and blue” lifestyle"

From governor of Alaska to failed national candidate to Fox News to the Sportsman Channel.  Quite a career trajectory there, Sarah.

Richard Winchester, American Thinker:  "Obama Is Tearing America Apart"

With his bare hands!  What a tough guy.  I've seen people do that to a phone book, but the whole country?  Man, I'm speechless. And it's all so unneccessary.  If only he'd just stop being black.

Guy Benson, Town Hall:  "No, Liberals, Opposition to Obama is Not 'Unprecedented' "

Of course not.  Every President is accused of being an alien America-hating Communist terrorist Muslim Nazi.  Every President is threatened with impeachment from the day he takes office.

Todd Starnes, Town Hall:  "The Baby Jesus has been kicked off Shaw Air Force Base in South Carolina"

I didn't even know the baby Jesus was still alive.

Specious reasoning of the day (maybe the century)

Dennis Prager, Town Hall:  "Of course, Nazism was not right-wing -- certainly not in American terms. How could it be? Right-wing means less government, not more."

Oh, go on, Dennis.  Do you expect anyone to believe this crap?  Really, do you think people are that dumb?

Roger L Simon, PJ Media:   'Income Inequality' — The Biggest Lie of All...The defining lie of modern liberalism."

No truth to that liberal lie at all.  No.  None at all.  Everything is just fine.  Now, forget all about it.

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "Horrible! Obama Compares Mandela to Gandhi, MLK and Lincoln in Eulogy"

Horrible!  The only person who should be compared to Gandhi, MLK and Lincoln is Ronald Reagan!  And maybe Ted Cruz.
Madeline Crabb, Renew America:  "America--land of entitlement, home of the enslaved, Part One...Does this title make you mad?"

No, but it did make me hoot in derision, Madeline.  Is that close enough for you?  Here's a little bit of Madeline's political insight:

"Imagine how you would live your life if there was no government telling you how and what you could or couldn't do. Imagine being able to work however and whenever you wanted, to build the biggest and best of whatever you made, to charge whatever price you chose for your product – or to not charge anything at all if you so chose. How wonderful would it be not having to give half or more of your earnings to government in the form of confiscatory taxes? "

Aah, what a wonderful country that would be, right?  And then imagine about a week later when some thug murdered you and took everything you have, and there was no government to do a thing about it, because you were too God damned cheap to pay your taxes.  Imagine that, because it is exactly what you would get in the country you are imagining, Madeline.  So enjoy your week of freedom before some other jackass uses his freedom to kill you.  Have a nice day, Madeline.

Aaron Klein, World Net Daily:  "'Jaw Dropping Claim-Fast and Furious' star 'killed by secret society'

Yeah, the Imperial Order of Bad Porsche Drivers. 

Well, that's about as low as we can go today. 


Magpie said...

About the Bryan Fischer piece about Hiroshima… I just read it.

It is the same version that is espoused by 99% of commentary of all political persuasions. That being A LIE that everyone chooses to believe and based on rewriting motivations and intentions from outcomes that actually were not expected at the time.

I hope you will suffer me writing this, GE, I won’t take long… because it’s just the truth and everyone ignores it….

The bombs were not intended to be used as an alternative to invasion. They were intended to precede it.
None of this is secret. It’s all there. You don’t even have to go further than Wikipedia.
There were plans for at least 7 more drops, the later drops would be immediately followed by conventional landings because the longevity of radiation was so poorly understood. Thousands of allied troops would have died of radiation sickness.
Surrender happened because Hirohito was saving his own ass – preferring to surrender to the Americans rather than the Russians, after which he not only kept his life but his title. The atomic bombings were his way of rationalizing it… but such an outcome was not foreseen by the American military or government. It was entirely down to his whim.
Whatever his motives… HE created the outcome, which everyone now believes as the only thing that could possibly have happened. It WASN”T the only thing that could have happened. It wasn’t even expected.

Do I condemn the bombing…? Not in context. We did get lucky with the outcome. Japan under the Russians would not have been a cheery tale.

But in light of what I just wrote… it does make a total mockery of ‘nukes ensure peace’ because the one applied example shows that, as so often is the case, the narrow self-interest of an elite is what counted.

Magpie said...

Oh and then Bryan Fischer says something about abortion.