Sunday, December 29, 2013

Conservative Master Class In How To Deliberately Not Get It

S. E. Cupp, on CNN today, speaking about the Pope:

"I know liberals are real excited about what they perceive as a progressive message coming from this pope. But his goal with the church in limiting his authority is actually considerably conservative. He wants to make a smaller church, a church with a small "c."

That's right, the Pope is trying to do to the Church what the Republicans are trying to do to the government- make it smaller!  That's the message you should take away from all he has had to say the last few months about the poor, etc.  I guess he wants to drown the Church in a bathtub, just like the Republicans are trying to do with the government.

How can these people be so malicious with the truth, and why on earth are they allowed a free forum to spread their crap around the country?  Doesn't anyone in charge see or care what they are doing to us?

These are the self-professed defenders of religion- only the "religion" they are defending is nothing but their same hundred year old Republican lie about how the world works better when we let rich people do whatever they want.  That, apparently, is what Conservatives mean when they talk about the smaller church- just keep it out of our way, Pope guy, and mind your own business.  Which has nothing to do with the poor or the sick or the strangers among us, so forget about them.

It never ends, and I guess it never will.

Here's more, if you can stomach it:

"it's his larger message of returning power to the people, decentralizing the church and limiting its authority that should please any good conservative...Conservative critics of burdensome regulation, heavy-handed legislature, and a fealty to laws both arcane and archaic will recognize the Pope's call for reform in the church as similar to conservative calls for limiting the size and scope of government. Just as Christ's precepts were few, so were the Founding Fathers'."

The Pope specifically attacked the notion of supply-side economics, the centerpiece of Conservative economic cant, but that's not what he meant.  He meant to speak out against "burdensome regulation, heavy-handed legislature, and a fealty to laws..."  And so he is just like the founding fathers, who, let me remind you, were also (according to them) right wingers who tolerated nothing that stood in the way of the rich.

You need evidence that God doesn't exist?  The fact that he didn't strike S. E. Cupp dead the minute that she wrote this is all the proof you need.


Grung_e_Gene said...

Sippe Cupp claims to be an atheist. So why oh why does she care about what the Pope says or does?

Ah, because she's paid to bash liberals and make conservatives get boners.

Green Eagle said...

Mr. Gene, right on there, particularly the boner part.

Magpie said...

Sounds to me like a pre-emptive move to distort what the Pope said so that anything else he says from now on – about poverty and evil of greed – gets scrambled in the minds of the people the Right wants to keep stupid and ignorant into a narrative the Right likes.

The Church cannot have a small ‘c’… Fer cryin’ out loud… God doesn’t offer part-time obedience. They don’t let you opt out of original sin. The 10 commandments are not optional ‘tick if required’.

And the Founding Fathers get the same billing as Jesus?

I’d never heard of this idiot Cupp but she bloody runneth over. Or maybe she should be bloodily runnethed over.
Wikipedia entry for Cupp says “describes herself as an atheist but consistently states that she's open to theism and "really aspires to be a person of faith some day" “.

Well piss off lady and sort that shit out for yourself – I would have thought it would be pretty basic – before you go telling everyone else what the Pope ‘really meant’.

BB-Idaho said...

There are distinctions between religion, politics and economics, but the far right has merged them into an illogical construct...and
it frustrates them.

Green Eagle said...

Magpie, S.E. Cupp is a person that CNN brought on board, to "balance" their soft right reporting with a hard right winger. I suspect she is only seen in the United States, where we apparently have an appetite for being lied to, so it's not surprising that you have not heard of her.

joseph said...

Mr. Eagle,

I have a suggestion for a regulation that I would like to see abolished: Kidnapping for ransom. Nobody's going to kidnap me, I haven't got the money to make it worthwhile. But the conservatives would go crazy if that regulation were abolished. They really aren't against regulations, they are against regulations that protect me from them, they favor regulations that protect them from me.