Thursday, January 3, 2019

A North Carolina House Race Suggestion

As most of you probably know, there is one Congressional race in the country which is still not decided; that being in a North Carolina House district where the Republican, currently "leading" by a few hundred votes clearly hired a corrupt operative to rig the casting of absentee ballots.  With the North Carolina elections commission temporarily nonexistent, the struggle goes on, with Republicans, of course insisting that their candidate be seated despite his criminality, and the only other remedy proposed being a whole new election, which would allow the Republicans a redo with a different candidate, and massive outside spending to buy the seat.

Here's something that I have heard nobody suggest:  The fraud perpetrated by this Republican candidate was apparently limited to a scheme involving absentee ballots.  Since people must apply for these ballots, there must be a record of everyone in this district who applied for one.  Why not just contact all of this limited number of people and have them submit new ballots?  There would need be no campaign, the election would be limited to the two previous candidates, and the results would definitively resolve this issue with minimum stress and expense.

Well, that's my suggestion.

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